Overview of the PresenterMedia Website

November 21st, 2014

Brief overview of the features and benefits of the PresenterMedia website.

The New PresenterMedia Clip-Art Customizer

November 18th, 2014

We are excited to launch a new customizer here at PresenterMedia.  Here is a short video tutorial on how to navigate the new PresenterMedia Clip-Art Customizer. To optimize performance you will want to update your browser to a new version. This will enable you fully utilize all the content available on the site.


Mind Maps Tool Kit

August 16th, 2014

Presenter Media would like to feature one of our newest templates by artist Judd Albrecht.  This widescreen presentation template has various animated mind map layout designs.  It also contains a set of static non-animated slides.


You can visually outline information in your presentation for your audience.  The Mind Map template can be created around a single word or text.  You can place it in the center or anywhere you prefer and attach associated ideas, words and concepts.


This template can offer an overview of a topic and its complex information.  This will allow your audience to create new ideas, comprehend and build connections from start to finish.  Colors, images and words will encourage individuals with a central idea to build more in-depth topics.


The audience can brainstorm an idea, concept or problem to better communicate new ideas and processes.


You can download and customize your own template here!

New Video and Animation Customizer

January 27th, 2014

Make sure to check out our recent update to our video and animation customizers. We previously updated our Clip-art Customizer to the more modern HTML5 and now have added our videos and animations.  View all our animations and videos on our site.

When new updates are made to our site we would suggest you refresh your browser, clear your cache and cookies, log out and back into your browser and Power Point.   Click here if you need further instruction from our blog.  We will continue to add new features to enhance the experience of our users on our site.


Medical Measure Toolkit

January 14th, 2014

Here at Presenter Media we would like to feature one of our newest templates.  This Power Point will be a valued addition to any individual or institution in the medical field.  The Medical Measure Toolkit template contains medical supplies and customizable measurements to help give your presentation a visual edge.


Here are some of the slides that will add detail and draw interest from your audience during your presentation.



This template features customizable text, clip-art and animations to enhance the presentation with many other options in Power Point.



You can customize and download your own templates here!