Animated Clipart Stops after Saving

For a very few PowerPoint users, for some reason PowerPoint improperly applies compression to animated .GIF images when the presentation is saved.  We have been unable to duplicate the problem here at PresenterMedia, but .

If you are one of the few PowerPoint users who have experienced the problem, there is an easy work around.  Unfortunately you need to do this work around every time you start a new presentation that contains animations.

1. Choose ‘Save As’
2. Click the ‘Tools’ options.
3. Choose ‘Compress Pictures’

PowerPoint Compress Pictures

Choose Compress Pictures from the Tools Pulldown

4. Click on ‘Options’

PowerPoint Compression Options

Choose the Options for Compress Pictures

5. Uncheck ‘Automatically preform basic compression on save.’

Automatically preform basic compression

Uncheck Automatically Preform Basic Compression on Save

6. Click ‘Ok’ in the compression settings.

7. Click ‘CANCEL’  on the Compress Pictures dialog.  Choosing OK here will apply the compression and freeze the animations.

Cancel Compression

Choose Cancel to avoid applying the compression.

8. At this point, you can either save your presentation, or go back to working on it.  This setting is now saved as part of the document and you will not need to do it again for this document.

Unfortunately, you will need to reinsert any animations that have been compressed, as there is no way back after the compression has been applied.

If anyone knows why this happens for a few PowerPoint users, we would love to know.  Leave your comments below.

Here is more on this problem from the PPTfaq.

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21 Responses to “Animated Clipart Stops after Saving”

  1. Joanne says:

    Hi, I was having this problem & looking for some help, found you guys – thanks! Just wanted to let you know that it was only happening with some animations. I tried other animations of smaller, larger & similar size with no problems & was still able to replicate the original problem. Don’t know why, but hope this info helps.

  2. George T says:

    For me it only happens with certain Animated Clipart that stops after saved. “carrying_question_pa.gif”. It stops every time I save the presentation. There are a few others, but replacing them corrects this problem.

    The answer I received from Presentermedia is too involved for me, since this is only one part of my work.

    George T

    • Art Holden says:

      Hi George, After you replace the offending .gif, just make sure you turn off the compression setting in PowerPoint as described above and it won’t convert to a still image again. We still don’t have a clear answer why this affects only certain graphics for some PowerPoint users.

      Art Holden

  3. Steve says:

    I saved a presentation, using one of your animation templates. After saving, and previewing, (all worked fine) I sent it over to a few folks on my team for comments, however, the animation did not seem to work on their laptops. Any ideas? WIll the annimation only work from my laptop? Steve

    • krjones says:

      Most commonly the problem when animations aren’t playing is the variations of versions of PowerPoint. If you have 2010, and your team has 2007 or a MAC version, visa versa, the animations will not be seen “properly” and will either become jerky or stall all together. If they are using a different version of PowerPoint, use the template for the oldest version they are running (Bob is running 2003, Jan is running 2007, so use the 2003 template) to minimize glitches.

  4. Ace says:

    Whenever I combine and save an animated template, it saves it the way I had it for the moment but if I go back a few days later, it converts the second animated template to the first animated template…for example: I created a powerpoint using the animated “world grid” template, and then later on added a few more slides using the “golden earth” template. When I added these slides, everything worked perfectly, the way it was suppose to….however now that I reopen the file to work on it some more, the spinning golden globe on the “golden earth” template converts to that of the spinning blue globe on the “world grid” template. This has happened several time to me already, and I’m getting very frustrated b/c I have to keep going back and doing the work all over again, only for PowerPoint to save it for the moment then convert it after. Is there any solution you can offer to help, or is this unfixable?

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    • Art Holden says:

      Ace, The behavior you are describing (where one video animation overrides another video animation) happens in PowerPoint 2007 if you are trying to combine video animated slides from PowerPoint 2010 templates.

      The solution is to be sure that you are only using the PowerPoint 2007 versions of the templates.

      My guess is that you are using PowerPoint 2007 , and you mistakenly downloaded the 2010 versions of the templates.

      Hope this helps.
      Art Holden

  5. Chirag K says:

    Hey, I was facing this problem for over a week. It was an important presentation for a meeting that if lost would have cost us dearly. We finally managed to send the presentation across. Hope we get the job done. Thanks for your assistance. :)

  6. From all your readers, happy new year 2013 !!

  7. Oza says:

    I dunno hOw to Thank U guys !

  8. Nik says:

    hey thanks for the tip!

    really worked for me!!


  9. Ivan says:

    Thanks!!! Thanks so much!! :)))

  10. Rishi says:

    Thanks alot !!!

  11. babak says:

    thank you very much dear:)

  12. Rick Yount says:

    My version of PPT does not have the screens described above. The box “automatically perform basic compression on save” does not exist under Save-As/Tools/Compress Pictures/Options.

    I have two options:
    Apply only to this picture
    Delete cropped areas of pictures (chk’d)

    I cannot find any other reference to “compress on save”

    Suggestions? You can email me at

    • Mike Weber says:

      What version of Power Point are you running? It mostly is just in another position your your version.

      • Alicia Kardell says:

        I have 2013 an the same situation as Rick. It will do one loop of the gif and stop. I have tried to reinstall new gif and it still only loops once and stops. Compression is not on that new gif

        • Mike Weber says:

          Just to be sure are you using the drop down box to set the number of loops you would like? Depending on the animation and how it was created it may be made to loop once.

  13. Elias says:

    Hi Guys,

    This tutorial make my day!!!
    Well guys you did contribution to make my presentation tomorrow very interactive and very good.
    Thank you for your help.


  14. nishant says:

    Thanks guys. This really helped. Awesome

  15. B Venkataramudu says:

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