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We often get questions about using our animated templates in various software.  One of the most popular questions has been do your templates work in Camtasia? Camtasia is a screen recording and video editing software.  We’re happy to report that PresenterMedia works great in Camtasia.

Below is a video tutorial about PresenterMedia’s PowerPoint templates and Camtasia from Camtasia super trainer, Lon Naylor.  Learn more about Camtasia at Lon’s site,

  • A big thanks to Art and all the PresenterMedia gang for posting my tutorial but especially for the absolutely AWESOME content and material you folks produce! Literally couldn’t have done this without you. 😉

    I’d love to hear any feedback on the tutorial or if you have any requests for Camtasia video production with PresenterMedia content tutorials?

    Lon Naylor

  • That is very helpful. I use Camtasia and doing the animated splash in the beginning is a much more interesting way to start. Lon and Michelle make it simple to implement. I attend their Q & A sessions and always get valuable insight.

    Presenter Media gives some great resources for making unique videos. There is so much to choose from. Quality products.

  • Rod Snyder

    Really cool video Lon. I learned alot by watching and really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

    PresenterMedia can thank you for another sale, because based on what you just showed us and your high recommendation, I’m going to go make a purchase right now.

    Keep the awesome videos and training coming.

    Much appreciated!!!!!


  • Sweet video Lon! I had never heard of Presenter Media before, but anything Lon’s using has GOT to be good!

    I really love the way these things seem to bring personality into the video! Sweet resource!

    I’m definately going to spend some time shopping around on this site!

    Thanks Lon and Presenter Media!

  • Lon,
    You never seem to stop coming up with simple approaches to making very cool videos. I mean who can’t copy and paste!

    Just a few of these special techniques you show and a person’s video
    turns from a ok video to a really cool video.

    I especially love the resources at presenter media!

    Thanks Lon

    Ray La Foy

  • I have been using Lon’s techniques to create splash screens and a class advertisement with the Launch animated template…I love that flying blue guy! I enjoy learning new techniques that have my co-workers guessing about how they were created. What fun!

    Thanks Lon and PresenterMedia

    Shanna Rendon

  • Roger Poyner

    Wow! How did Lon do that? PresenterMedia has it together and one of these days I will too. Lon and Presenter combine to be the Disney of internet presentations! Continue the show!

    Roger Poyner

  • Another fantastic demo from Lon! Every week Lon and Michelle have webinars with great tips and advice like those shown in this video. With the use of PresenterMedia, PowerPoint 2010 and their Camtasia tutorials – creating videos couldn’t be any easier!

  • Tania Butkowski

    Those of us that attend Learn Camtasia depend on Lon and Michelle to recommend additional tools to use in our videos.

    Thank you PresenterMedia for partnering with Lon and Michelle. I am very excited to add your quality graphics to my projects.

    Tania Butkowski

  • Wow- I never knew your templates could be used in such creative ways. Thanks Lon for this demo. I can see how I can use this in a lot of my video tutorials.

  • Hi Lon , Thank you so much for introducing Presenter Media. Your Training was super easy to follow and it was both informative and interesting. Having Camtasia and Presenter Media Graphics with your techniques and strategies makes my videos more effective. Thank you so much for sharing your cool tricks and tips.

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