Presentations on iPads?

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Do you use an iPad for Presentations?

More and more people are using mobile devices like Apple’s iPad to display their presentations.

At PresenterMedia, we are looking at ways to make our animations and templates more compatible with these mobile devices.  For example, we are starting to look at ways to convert our PowerPoint templates over to animated templates which will work with the Keynote app on the iPad.

Our question to you: Do you currently use an iPad or other mobile device to assist you with your presentations?  We’d love to hear how you are using mobile technology to assist with your presentations.  If you are not currently using something like an iPad, we’d like to know why not.  Your feedback will help us tailor new services to meet your mobile device needs.

Post a comment below, and take the time to answer our poll question on our Facebook page here.

  • Michael T

    I would love to use my IPad to do presentations but there are a few problems. Primarily, no flash. Second, no presenter view. Unless jailbroken, have not figured a way to control with Iphone or other remote.

  • Its a great idea to start presenting on iPads. Aside from the mobility and convenience of presenting from an iPad, its the latest and greatest technology that is being used by millions of people.
    The touch screen of an iPad allows for more interaction and audience engagement.

    If you want your presentation material to truly resonate with your audience, stimulate as many learning senses as possible. The iPad touch screen shows the power of sight and feel, but what about stimulating our ears? Incorporating professional audio into your presentation can create quite an impact on audiences.

    Adding professional audio into your presentation will have a lasting effect on audiences in another way too. Presentations that include audio narration can be played back and used as a reference and learning tool anytime after the presentation.

  • Kevin Broughton

    Big fan of the iPad and I’ve started using it more and more for presentations – especially for Toastmasters (a public speaking club). I’m still looking for that elusive complete wifi presentation kit – which currently stands at my iPad, a wifi router and Apple TV. Your art work has been a real treasure trove to help spruce up my presentations and add a degree of professionalism. Thanks for the continued good work…

  • Gordon

    i use – there is an app you load on the ipad

    • Art Holden

      Thanks Gordon, SlideShark is a nice application, but unfortunately it will not support embedded PowerPoint video or animated .gifs so it is limited in how much animation can be displayed. We are making headway in bringing our animations to the iPad.

      Art Holden

  • Rose Colby

    I have purchased a pico projector with the intent of traveling lite–pico and and ipad. I use the QuickOffice app for powerpoint presentations that I have saved and access from Drop Box but I lose all of the animations because QuickOffice is not compatible with later versions of Powerpoint.
    The ideal would be to be able to use Presenter Media in Keynote. But transfer of Keynote files isn’t as easy as accessing DropBox.

  • Rachel

    Ever since I bought my ipad i never went back using my laptop for presentation! It was so easy to use and I often use graph, pics and data. But I find it tedious putting animated clipart because it won’t work by just saving it on your ipad.

    • Rachel:

      Unfortunately that is the nature of the beast with tablets (specifically Android or iDevices), they don’t handle item downloads the same as a Mac or PC. On the bright side, by storing content on your iTunes/iCloud accounts, you can access it anywhere, which can be awfully handy.

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