Templates for PowerPoint 2003

Here is a short video tutorial illustrating how to download and use our templates for PowerPoint 2003 and older.

Our templates for older version of PowerPoint, like PowerPoint 2003, come in .ZIP archive files so there are a few extra steps to get them animate properly in PowerPoint 2003.

1. Download the template.  It will download as a .zip file.

2. Extract the .ZIP file to a folder on your computer.  I like to extract it to my Desktop, but you can extract it anywhere you want. Just remember where you saved it.  To extract the .zip, I like to right click on top of the zip file and choose “Extract All” from the menu that appears.

3. Go to PowerPoint and then using the Open command in PowerPoint, browse to the folder you just extracted, and open the .ppt file.

4. Press F5 or View the SlideShow to see the animations move.

IMPORTANT: In the extracted folder, there is a .ppt file (the template) and one or move .wmv video files.  These .wmv video files must remain in the same folder as your completed presentation.  PowerPoint 2003 is linking to these files and if your presentation is not in the same folder as these video files, PowerPoint will not be able to find the files and the animations will not play.

View all our templates we have available here.


  • Patrick Gibney

    I have follwed this video to the letter of the directions provided to get animation to play using 2003 Powerpoint.

    I can not get the animations to play even with the video’s in the same folder as the ppt file.

    I can click on the movie clip and my media player plays the clip just fine. I have even tried pasting the movie clip into the slide and it plays it but it is really grainy and broken up in muticolor.

    Any other tricks for getting the animation to work for 2003 Powerpoint.

    • Art Holden

      Hi Patrick, It is possible that you need to update PowerPoint 2003, since you say that the movie clip played poorly in 2003. Microsoft has released several service packs and updates for PowerPoint 2003. Possibly you are missing one of these? You can run Windows Update on your machine and install anything related to Microsoft Office.

      If you insert (instead of paste) one of the video clips, (Insert/Movies and Sounds/Movie from File), into PowerPoint does it play in Slideshow mode (press F5)

      Art Holden

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