The PresenterMedia Advanced Add-in

Below is the advanced tutorial for working within our add-in, saving your username and password, customizing images and more.  If you don’t already have the add-in, you can download it here.

I'm the corporate communications specialist here at PresenterMedia. My job includes training, tech support, customer service, sales and everything that falls in between. Every day I'm looking for new tutorials to create, suggested by our subscribers.

  • Leanna

    This is Great! It will makes things easier and faster. Thanks so much!

  • Felipe Andres

    Definitely you offer so much content and value for so little.
    Your are fantastic, this is best I have adquired this days.
    Thousands of thank you.

  • Wow, Fantastic!
    It’s so easy to make great presentation now!
    I do appreciate it! Thanks.

  • You are so thorough and I am so excited to use this product with my business. This is truly a God send. I do believe I can help my clients understanding what I offer with creating a great presentation and how easy it is to use hypnosis for achieving their goals.
    Thanks again for such a great product!

  • Cecil Ming

    Works for me, sorry I didn’t look at this earlier…. my loss, but now I have it..

  • Jum

    Love this product ! Just awesome ! So happy to subscribe it

  • Das ist echt super!
    Das wird ganz viel Zeit einsparen und die Präsentationen in ein bedeutend besseres Licht stellen.
    Vilen Dank für dieses geniale Angebot!

  • Sameer

    Thank you for the wonderful product. How do i install the add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint running on Mac OS X ?

    • Sameer:

      Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately our Add-in is not available to Mac computers at this time. We are always looking for other options for all of our users however. Thank you for being a subscriber.

  • LILY

    Thank you so much in creating these wonderful and fabulous animations and it does make it more fun in the presentations! Love them all!

  • Peter

    How can I view my favorites in the PresenterMedia add-in? I spent hours selecting favorites on the website and I would like to access them with the plugin.

    Amazing product!

    • Mike Weber

      The Favorites link is currently only available through the website for viewing.

  • Jessica

    My animations are not coming into Power Point, even with the add in??

    • Billy Schlotter

      Are you just using the add-in or have you tried to import them in?

      • Jessica

        It was me. I watched your tutorial and figured it out. There is no animation until you play the slide show. It’s good. Thank you

  • Michelle Zanoria

    Is presentermedia google slide compatible?

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