Does PresenterMedia work in Adobe Captivate?

Of the software we’ve reviewed so far this year, Captivate seems to be the most complex, primarily based on the user interface which is moving in a significantly different direction than PowerPoint.  It feels similar to Articulate Storyline, with a few obvious differences.

We are taking a look at using our content inside of Captivate today, and have provided a short demonstration video to show how our content will embed directly into your project.

So now that you’ve seen a few ways you can use our content with Captivate, download a few items and give it a shot!’

Update:  Captivate 6 is now live!  One of our subscribers was kind enough to point out a cool new feature of this program.  The feature is called “Video Demo”, it allows you to record the PowerPoint presentation with all the animations in it, even controling timing as if you were presenting it live.  You can easily record your narration using Captivate’s “Voice over Video”  as well, to tie it all together.


I'm the corporate communications specialist here at PresenterMedia. My job includes training, tech support, customer service, sales and everything that falls in between. Every day I'm looking for new tutorials to create, suggested by our subscribers.

  • Valerie Scully

    I recently went to a training session on Captivate. The trainer also told me about Articulate Storyboard. We are trying to build our many ppt into animated, trainable documents. Which program works better with your animations?

    • Personally I like how Articulate Storyline flows more so than Captivate. Regarding strictly animations etc. I would say Storyline also handles them better and has a more natural feel to it than Captivate.

  • Wendelyn Dickson

    I have prepared a slideshow/video with your Blue Melancholy template. It is made up of 57 slides. Every slide uses an animated slide. I works beautifully on my mac; however, I cannot seem to send it anywhere.

    It is a tribute video of deceased classmates to be shown at a 50th high school reunion, after which I would like to upload it to YouTube for individual viewing. I have imbedded three iTunes instrumental music selections. I have saved it to pptx video format, but am not able to send it to anyone for preview. I did manage to burn a DVD. On my husband’s PC, the animation did not work. Do I need to attach an add-on to my presentation to enable the animated template to work? If so, which one.
    Thanks for any assistance you could give me. Sincerely, Wendy Dickson

    • Wendelyn:

      Thank you for your question. Your recipient does not need to have the add-in or subscription to PresenterMedia in order to view your presentation. You may be running into any number of issues, I’ll start with the most common:
      1) Size. If your presentation is we’ll say, 65 megabytes (65MB) It will more than likely not fit into anyone’s email. Even online email services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail have limitations of 25MB file sizes.
      2) Saving. If you are using PowerPoint 2011, the videos should embed automatically into the presentation. If you are using PowerPoint 2008 however, you will need to save it specifically as a package. Go to “Save As”…and then instead of Presentation, choose “PowerPoint Package”.

      If your audience will be viewing this on PC’s instead of Macs, you’ll want to make sure they have Quicktime installed, as that’s the default format for Mac template video backgrounds (the animated background you see on the template). To circumvent this in the future, try downloading the PC version of our templates, and then using Flip4Mac to view them easily. When you save them out, they’ll still have Windows Media Video formats in them, so your PC viewers will be able to see them easily.

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