Don't get Wrapped up in the Holiday Madness

It’s getting to be that time of year, Black Friday is only two weeks away, and then it’s time for Happy Holidays in only four more weeks!  This year, don’t get caught up in the madness, let us help you get inspired with our clip art, video backgrounds and calendars for event planning!

Stick Figure Wrapped in Christmas Lights Item # 9997

Holiday Shopping Jackpot Item #

Winter Swirl Template Item # 386

For folks already members of PresenterMedia, comment on this post to receive a free Holiday Calendar 2012 created using our Lights of Holly template.

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Holiday Calendar - free for subscribers - comment below!

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13 Responses to “Don't get Wrapped up in the Holiday Madness”

  1. Jason says:

    PresenterMedia is on a HOT STREAK lately!

    Sorry to say, but I selfishly can’t wait for you guys to get back from the Thanksgiving break. well, I’m kinda sorry. AIGHT ACTUALLY… I’M NOT SORRY AT ALL! BACK TO WORK!!! I”M GOING THROUGH PRESENTER MEDIA WITHDRAWAL HERE!!!

    [heavy panting]

    My bad, got a little carried away there. what I’m trying to say is that no weekday passes without me checkin’ in for an update. love this site.

  2. Russell Abersoll says:

    Hey we’re all in contol of what we do or don’t do, take a deep breath. God’s blessing to all. Thanks to Presentermedia for their great work, wish the custom videos could be used with longer text some how, o’well.

  3. Jason says:

    Just for the record- I was totally joking on that last post, Russell :) It’s just that unfortunately for me, I’m rarely funny.

    I think all of the new holiday content is fantastic. I use Presenter Media clipart & animations in church videos, so these will definitely be a lot of fun to work with and put to good use! Here are some of my latest projects with PM content! These videos are used to count down to the start of service:

    • Kara Jones says:

      Jason –

      You may be going through a bit of withdrawal come the holiday season, we’ll be closed the full week of Christmas + New Years Eve and Day, so make sure to save some video customizing for that week 😉

      • Jason says:

        haha wait, you mean superheroes sleep and relax like the rest of us? hmm.

        Such a well deserved break. I don’t know how you all keep up such a steady pace but I’m a truly happy customer!

        Thanks for everything PM!

  4. Diane says:

    You guys make me look very very good………..THANK YOU. Your tutorials are great and the Christmas themes are ….as usual…….very eye catching and fun!

  5. Niel says:

    I just started using this site for power point presentations. I created my first one for a Classroom Management Course – I wowed the professor and got 100%. Thanks so much! You need to advertise more so people can find this site. Thanks guys, I just love it.

  6. sandra says:

    I was gone, now I’m back and my first new work presentation with your graphics really impressed my boss and colleagues. Thanks heaps.

    It is now 40+ degrees (celsius) here in OZ so Xmas is going to be a hot one again. I’ll just avoid the snow graphics – they make people here want to put our heads in the icebox.

    • Kara Jones says:

      Haha that’s understandable! Up here usually by January we avoid looking at the beach and summer images, as it’s just depressing when all we have snow snow snow!

  7. Mary says:

    I love the templates and use them for my clients. They enjoy them too!

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