Tutorial on Text over Video Backgrounds

Welcome back to PresenterMedia Tutorials, in this issue we will be looking at one of our most popular features thus far: Custom Text over Video Backgrounds.  You may be wondering “How does this pertain to me?”  Well, allow me to shed some light on the situation.


For years, people have been held captive by the world of custom content, torn between years of education vs. hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to create their own video background to use on their website, PowerPoint presentations and more.  As of the first week of October, our website has begun to offer video backgrounds with the ability of editing text which is inserted directly into the video itself.

Let’s take a look at how to get to, and work with, our custom text over video backgrounds.


1)      Start by going to our website, www.PresenterMedia.com .

2)      To use the “Search” feature, locate the Search field in the upper left corner of our website, just below our name (PresenterMedia).  In the dropdown list of categories, select “Video Background”, and in the search box, type “Custom”  Click “Search” and take a look at the results.  Notice, each video has the word “Custom” written underneath it.  This identifies the custom videos from the regular video backgrounds, in case you should come across them while browsing through our library.  (You may also locate all the custom HD Video Backgrounds by scrolling down the “Browse” categories on the left and clicking “Custom Videos” at the bottom.)

3)      When the search is complete, click on a video of your choice.  Remember, it will show “Custom” underneath the video.  When you have clicked the video, you will see a screen appear similar to this one.

Let’s take a look at some of the components of this item’s “page”


A)      Change Text  – this feature is what allows you to add your own text to this video.  Enter your own, otherwise the default text will be used.


B)      Choose your Download Type – “Download Video As” – This is where you select what format you’d like the video to be in when it’s finished customizing.  WMV (Windows Media), MOV (Mac Media), FLV (Adobe Flash) or PPTX (PowerPoint slide with the video already embedded into it).


C)      Customize: This is the most important button of all.  Click this button to begin the customization process, and wait patiently while we recreate a video especially for you!


4)      Once you click “Customize”, you will see a blue box appear with “Processing Video” displayed.  An estimated amount of time for the render to complete will appear.  You can either wait for the video here, or continue working on other things, and come back to “My Custom Media” later.

5)  Once the customization is complete, you can download your video by clicking the “Download” button that appears in place of the Processing Video screen, or simply go to “My Custom Media” and click “Download” on the video.

Once the download is complete, you are ready to place the video in your presentation, website, or other creative project.

Thanks for taking the time to read this tutorial about  our customizable video backgrounds.

Although we offer high quality services, we do not ask you to pay a fortune for them. Our are ready to work for a fair reward. Moreover, as our clientele gets larger every day, we can afford to charge even less. Therefore, you can always order as much as you need and be sure that your budget is safe.

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19 Responses to “Tutorial on Text over Video Backgrounds”

  1. Ken says:

    I tried to customize on of the templates and it’s has been running for hours. How long is it suppose to take?

    • Kara Jones says:


      Check your “My Custom Media” button, the video is probably completed and stored there. The videos are in Beta testing still, so we have a few bugs to work out. If the video isn’t in the My Custom Media, simply recreate it. Thanks for your patience!

  2. Jason says:

    Very thorough tutorial, thanks for the details. what a fantastic feature!

  3. Danielle says:

    I created a custom video and downloaded it, but it will not paste into PowerPoint. Other videos I’ve used and downloaded correctly and I’ve been able to use them. In fact, when I go to insert video, the custom video doesn’t even show up although others I’ve used are there. A bug?

    • Kara Jones says:

      Double check the custom video was created as a WMV file, not a .PPTX file. The default file type is PPTX so it wouldn’t insert as a video. You can insert it by using the dropdown under “New Slide”>”Reuse Slide”>”From File” and locating the PPTX file.

  4. Sidartawan says:

    If I click the “custom” background it doesn’t response at all. What went wrong?

  5. Pamela Ross McClain says:

    For some reason I am no longer seeing the color customizer box that allowed me to make color adjustments. Can you assist!

  6. Andree says:

    I successully imported a custom video. I also have a text box in the powerpoint with the video, but when the video plays, my text box disappears. How can I get the text to show while the video is playing?

    • Kara Jones says:


      It sounds like you may have PowerPoint 2007, which does not allow items to play in front of text. To remedy this, either upgrade to PowerPoint 2010 or use one of our video backgrounds which has customizable text on it (which you edit on our website, customize and then download).

  7. Sean N says:

    I created a custom text video for the “Forging Your Text” animation. It’s missing the pointy end of the sword that is in the original video. Is that a special character that was added to give it that look? Or is that simply not available when doing the custom version?


  8. charlotte says:

    New to the computer world wish me luck

  9. DJ Michael P says:

    Just joined your site today. Love it! Great selection of materials. VERY easy and quick downloads (MacBook Pro). Downloaded in quicktime format so…hopefully…will be able to upload in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects into my music video remixes. Just wondering if I will be able to edit the backgrounds, text colors and text styles in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects? If so, I will be a regular on this site.

    • Kara Jones says:


      Thank you for your inquiry. The video formats are downloaded as MOV, not their original After Effects file format unfortunately so breaking them down would take a bit of time to accomplish.

  10. Rebecca says:

    Hi I use Windows XP Service Pack 3 and some how when I down load the videos for powerpoint its all static and not moving, I cant figure out how to get it working, What should i do or check for?

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