Embedding Prezi in your Blog

So, you’ve created a project in Prezi, and now you want to share it with … well, the world!

Embedding Prezi is as simple as “Share this Prezi”, “Embed” and copying and pasting the code into the HTML section of order generic viagra your blog post (usually it’s a tab located next to “Visual” if you’re a WordPress user).


If you’re new to Prezi and aren’t familiar with it, you can check them out at www.Prezi.com and see how you can create a fun, interactive presentation.  What do I mean by interactive?  In the demonstration above, click on any of the colored sheets of paper, use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out, click and drag around the pane as though it were a picture being zoomed in, or simply click the < or > buttons located at the bottom of the demonstration to move forward and backwards through the demonstration.


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