Updating Your PresenterMedia Add-In

The PresenterMedia Add-In is occasionally updated as we are able to add new features to our database, and as a result, your version of our Add-In may be due for an update.  Performing an update is as easy as

1) All Programs

2) PresenterMedia

3) PresenterMedia Add-In

Here are some visual references for your use.

Step 1: Click on your Start Menu, and select “All Programs”


Start Menu > All Programs

Step 2: Locate the PresenterMedia program folder

PresenterMedia Program Folder

Step 3: Click the folder and select “PresenterMedia Add-In”

PresenterMedia Add-In

At this point, the updater will automatically check for any current updates, and will ultimately show what version of the Add-In you now have.

Current Version of the Add-In

In our case, the current version of the Add-In is  This number is accurate as of January 29, 2013, but may update in the future.  Click “Close” once the update is complete, and you are ready to go.

If you have any questions about our Add-In, you can contact us directly through our site, or view the tutorials regarding the Add-In here.

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4 Responses to “Updating Your PresenterMedia Add-In”

  1. Tony says:

    presenter media addin not working in powerpoint 2010, i followed instructions, my version is, but it will not show up in my menu bar, i unregistered, and re-installed, and it crashes PP

    • Mike Weber says:

      We did some updates to the site and customizers recently. Power point will only use Internet explorer, so most likely this is a problem with IE cookie and security settings. In internet explorer, please clear/delete your temporary Internet files and cookie data. This is located in IE’s tools area under Internet options.

      Also in the Internet options, check to see if the security settings for the Internet zone are set too high. They should not be set to the highest level. If this fails to resolve the issue, please remember all the download functions of the add-in, and many others, are available directly from the website using our traditional service.

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