Gameshow Toolkit Tutorial

If you’ve been through our Interactive Toolkits, you’ve more than likely noticed the Gameshow Toolkit.  This PowerPoint template is set up in a similar style to Family Feud, allowing the presenter to keep score of wrong answers and uncover the right answers at the click of a button.

Our tutorial focuses on how to add and remove the question and answer buttons, as well as customize the colors of the game show.

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3 Responses to “Gameshow Toolkit Tutorial”

  1. Stephanie Stanke says:

    This is perfect for what I was looking for. I love the tutorial, really helpful. I will be subscribing later today. Thank you.

  2. Jim Schleiter says:

    I’m interested in subscribing, in order to download and use the Family Feud game. Before doing so, I want to make sure there’s a way to add sound to this. This is important to our use. Please reply, and I’ll proceed accordingly.

    Thank you.
    Jim Schleiter
    (847) 567-0950

    • Mike Weber says:

      We do not supply audio but in Power Point you can add sound from your own sound clip file:
      1.Navigate to PP slide where it should play. 2. Click the Insert Tab and click Audio (select on PC, Record Audio, Online Audio) 3. Click Insert and audio bar will paste in PP 4. Click on the audio box. Audio Tool: Format & Plackback appear 5. Click Playback and choose start auto/play in background/fade in, ect.

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