New Video and Animation Customizer

January 27th, 2014

Make sure to check out our recent update to our video and animation customizers. We previously updated our Clip-art Customizer to the more modern HTML5 and now have added our videos and animations.  View all our animations and videos on our site.

When new updates are made to our site we would suggest you refresh your browser, clear your cache and cookies, log out and back into your browser and Power Point.   Click here if you need further instruction from our blog.  We will continue to add new features to enhance the experience of our users on our site.


Medical Measure Toolkit

January 14th, 2014

Here at Presenter Media we would like to feature one of our newest templates.  This Power Point will be a valued addition to any individual or institution in the medical field.  The Medical Measure Toolkit template contains medical supplies and customizable measurements to help give your presentation a visual edge.


Here are some of the slides that will add detail and draw interest from your audience during your presentation.



This template features customizable text, clip-art and animations to enhance the presentation with many other options in Power Point.



You can customize and download your own templates here!


New Clip-art Customizer

December 20th, 2013

Check out the newest version of our clip-art customizer. We’re moving away from Flash interfaces on the site to more modern HTML5. The new interface is only availble on clipart for now. It will even work on your phone, just don’t drive and customize.

Since we implemented the new clipart customizer recently.  We would request that you refresh your browser, clear you cache and cookies, log out and back into your browser and Power Point.  If you are unsure how to clear your cookies and cache we have a blog post here.  

You can customize your own clip-art here!


Custom text image

Manage your cookies and site data

December 19th, 2013

Websites that you have visited that store browsing information create files called cookies.  First party cookies are set by the site domain in the address bar whereas third party cookies are embedded on the page from other domain sources such as ads or images.  Cookies can remember your preferences and make browsing easier by avoiding signing in each time.  Cookies can also risk your privacy by tracking sites that you visit.

Occasionally, we have members contact us about an issue where downloading our content is being blocked or they are unable to log into our site.  To optimize peak performance on our site you may need to clear your cache or delete your cookies. If you are experiencing difficulties with our add-in or download issues our site, then it may be an issue with your internet connection or clearing cookies and temp files.  If you receive this error message in our PowerPoint add-in try clear your cookies, cache and website data.


It is a very simple process and below is how to find this information in Internet Explorer.


Internet Explorer

  • Open up an Internet explorer window
  • Click the Tools button in the upper right hand corner
  • Point to “safety” and click “delete browsing history”
  • Make sure “cookies and website data” is check marked and press delete”




After managing your cookies and site data you can log back into PowerPoint and Presenter Media.


Keynote 6 and transparent backgrounds

November 21st, 2013

With the introduction of Apple Keynote 6  and OS Maverick release there have been many updates.    We have encountered a glitch using Mac and QuickTime movies encoded with a transparent backgrounds  in the new version.  Using previous Keynote versions to open  with their transparent backgrounds works.

While awaiting for Apple to institute a fix for this issue and support for QuickTime alpha channels, you can customize QuickTime to a color scheme that will apply to your image or to the white version.  We can only hope some of the lost features of the previous version get added back in a future  update.  We will continue to a formulate a plan or method to circumvent this problem to enable you to create professional business presentations.