Combine Slides from Multiple PowerPoint Templates

December 31st, 2014


You can combine several of our templates to mix and match slides from different animated templates into one presentation. In this video tutorial you can use the “Reuse Slides” function in PowerPoint 2007 and newer to combine slides from various templates.

When combining several animated templates together remember that the more animated templates you combine the larger your presentation will become. A number of video files will make your presentation quite bulky. This could be a problem if you are distributing the completed presentation.

Mac PowerPoint 2008 and 2011 instructions:

In Mac PowerPoint, inserting slides from other presentations or templates work pretty much the same way but the command is labeled differently. The function is located under the “Insert” menu. Look for Insert/Slides From/Other Presentations. In the slide finder, be sure to check “Keep Design of Original Slide” to retain the formatting, animations and other graphic elements. Otherwise PowerPoint will only copy the text and not slides design.

What Internet Browser version am I using?

December 16th, 2014

What browser version do you have loaded on your computer? It is important to restore your system with all the most recent updates including your browser. Type the link below into your browser to find out if you have the most current browser available.

Internet Explorer:


Google Chrome:


Mozilla Firefox:


Apple Safari:


Quick and Simple? Updating your browser will enable you to view your content quicker, safer, and do more online. It will enable you to fully utilize the PresenterMedia website and content.

Downloading your first PowerPoint Animation

December 11th, 2014

Here is a short video tutorial of how to download a PresenterMedia Animation using PowerPoint. This is a simple but important process to avoid any problems and to make your animations run smoothly.

Covered in this video:

  • For PowerPoint, always download the largest animation available.  This yields the best quality.
  • After clicking the download link, always choose “SAVE” to save the image to your computer.  Choosing OPEN may end up removing the animation from the image.
  • In PowerPoint, always use the “Insert/Picture” function to place the animation in your presentation.  Inserting it as a video or copying and pasting it into your presentation can yield poor results.


Overview of the PresenterMedia Website

November 21st, 2014

Brief overview of the features and benefits of the PresenterMedia website.

The New PresenterMedia Clip-Art Customizer

November 18th, 2014

We are excited to launch a new customizer here at PresenterMedia.  Here is a short video tutorial on how to navigate the new PresenterMedia Clip-Art Customizer. To optimize performance you will want to update your browser to a new version. This will enable you fully utilize all the content available on the site.