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Back to School Clip Art, Animations, Videos

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Back to school supplies

Is it already that time of year again? It seems like just yesterday summer was here, and in less than a month it’s time to get back into the swing of things!  As always, our artists have been studiously creating content, this time focusing on the days ahead.

We have multiple HD Video Backgrounds available to download to spice up the learning for math or literature, as well as a group of clip art to bring the students to the table.

Children studying the earth

World Geography, we didn’t forget your place in education.

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Stuffed into a locker

For counselors and advisers, we’ve added images depicting safety at school as well as bullying.

Reading to a child

If your learning institution offers one on one tutoring, mentoring, or a big brother/big sister program, we’ve added images to enable you to depict the connection between teacher and student.

Compass and Protractor

Cartoon Pencil

Glue Bottle

12" ruler

We haven’t forgotten the basic necessities of school supplies, in fact, we’ve added additional images of multiple aspects of school necessities for teachers looking to add some pizzazz to their presentations or even just the syllabus.

Keep an eye out next week for our latest content as we continue developing based on our subscribers suggestions, and as always, Happy Presenting!

E=mc what?

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Welcome back to our PresenterMedia fans!  This past week was dedicated to the creation of science clip art and animations!  Our artists have delved deeply to unearth images from the fun, to the fictional, to the functional and back in order to provide the highest quality artistry available.

Gyroscope Item # 8958

Above, our gyroscope spins on its endless cycle.  Remember, our animations can have a specific number of loops (rather than infinite) by simply customizing them in the box below their large preview.

Microscope and Molecules Item # 8944

For our molecular biologists, chemists, researchers and enthusiasts, we bring to you a series of laboratory equipment, specifically microscopes, molecules, beakers, droppers and more!

Science Book Item # 8978

Finally, for our geneticists and other fans of DNA, we have brought several DNA strand images and animations for your use, as well as the original templates and animations already present on our site.

DNA Under Magnifying Glass Item # 8959

Don’t forget to check out all of our latest content available at every week!

Advanced Tutorial: Writing a Check

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Below are the two videos that we’ve created showing you how to create a check in PowerPoint, and animate it as though it is actually being typed out, and then signed at the bottom.  The image of the check is available for download from our Clip Art section.  We’ll start with how to create text boxes and resize them to fit the check in a realistic manner.

Next, we will look at animating the text so it appears to come in one letter at a time, as though it were being typed on a typewriter.

As always, thank you for watching, and if you have any specific requests, e-mail us through our Contact Us link located in the upper right portion of the screen.  Happy presenting!

I’ll say a little prayer for you

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Welcome back to PresenterMedia!  For our Aretha Franklin fans out there, Say a Little Prayer is holding two places in our hearts this week, as we created images depicting various aspects of religion and biblical themes.

We will start out today’s examples with one of our pre existing religious images, praying:


Figure Praying

Celebration and giving thanks is also represented in our religious content:

Stick Figure Lifting Hands

Following this ideology we have the dove carrying an olive branch, depicting peace.

Dove with Olive Leaf

We also have added symbolism between good and evil, the cross and more.

Crossed Nails



World Religions


There’s an App for that!

Friday, July 6th, 2012

It seems there’s a new app added to smart phones app stores every 5 seconds doesn’t it?  Last week our artists created a library of images devoted to the world of cellular commerce, digital download, smart phone shopping and stocks, you name it!


Falling Apps



If your company works on any kind of Cloud server, but may not necessarily use apps, we even created cloud system images which would enable you to display this concept:

Devices Connected to Cloud


Upload Symbol

Download Symbol

The Cloud

For those of us who use our phones for everything, from scanning them at the grocery store to checking our stock portfolios, bank statements, real estate potentials and more, we have a selection of beautiful images to depict various aspects of smart phone application in the business world.

Smart Phone Credit Card

Check out the other images from our mobile theme here