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PresenterMedia Artist Puzzle Creations

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Our artists have created a fantastic collection of Puzzle Creations. Browse our site to create your own content using the tools provided to rebuild and download using your own message.

Using 3D Animations and Clipart

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

This video tutorial includes a brief overview of using our 3D animations and clip-art in your PowerPoint presentations. The tutorial shows out to navigate, select, and insert PresenterMedia animations and clip-art. There are many options to customize the images and content on the website.

We hope this helps you get started using PresenterMedia’s animations and clip-art. We are continually creating new templates and images every week, so you’ll always have a fresh supply of new images.

Does PresenterMedia work in Adobe Captivate?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Of the software we’ve reviewed so far this year, Captivate seems to be the most complex, primarily based on the user interface which is moving in a significantly different direction than PowerPoint.  It feels similar to Articulate Storyline, with a few obvious differences.

We are taking a look at using our content inside of Captivate today, and have provided a short demonstration video to show how our content will embed directly into your project.

So now that you’ve seen a few ways you can use our content with Captivate, download a few items and give it a shot!’

Update:  Captivate 6 is now live!  One of our subscribers was kind enough to point out a cool new feature of this program.  The feature is called “Video Demo”, it allows you to record the PowerPoint presentation with all the animations in it, even controling timing as if you were presenting it live.  You can easily record your narration using Captivate’s “Voice over Video”  as well, to tie it all together.


Back to School Clip Art, Animations, Videos

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Back to school supplies

Is it already that time of year again? It seems like just yesterday summer was here, and in less than a month it’s time to get back into the swing of things!  As always, our artists have been studiously creating content, this time focusing on the days ahead.

We have multiple HD Video Backgrounds available to download to spice up the learning for math or literature, as well as a group of clip art to bring the students to the table.

Children studying the earth

World Geography, we didn’t forget your place in education.

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Stuffed into a locker

For counselors and advisers, we’ve added images depicting safety at school as well as bullying.

Reading to a child

If your learning institution offers one on one tutoring, mentoring, or a big brother/big sister program, we’ve added images to enable you to depict the connection between teacher and student.

Compass and Protractor

Cartoon Pencil

Glue Bottle

12" ruler

We haven’t forgotten the basic necessities of school supplies, in fact, we’ve added additional images of multiple aspects of school necessities for teachers looking to add some pizzazz to their presentations or even just the syllabus.

Keep an eye out next week for our latest content as we continue developing based on our subscribers suggestions, and as always, Happy Presenting!

Keynote Templates & Mac PowerPoints

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Today we’ll be going through the process our artists have been painstakingly working on in order to roll out over two hundred operating specific templates over the last two weeks.  A long time ago in a galaxy far away…we had all our templates available on two versions of Microsoft PowerPoint: 2007/2008 and 2010/2011 collectively.  Our Mac users originally needed to download a third party plugin in order to use these templates to their fullest potential and it was time we changed that.  We  began the process of making our templates compatible specifically to the Mac OS version of PowerPoint, and accepted mission MacPossible.

Our developers worked tirelessly converting the WMV (Windows specific video) files into MOVs which could be played through Apple’s Quicktime program and display properly on Mac MS PowerPoint 2008/2011.  These new files were then placed into the PowerPoints in place of any WMV file, one after another until each template gradually became truly Mac compatible.  The next step was saving out the PowerPoint files as versions specific to PowerPoint 2008 and 2011 respectively. Our artists began this daunting process and continue to ever update the hundreds of templates available on

Finally, the moment of truth had come: Keynote…PowerPoint’s rival in the presentation industry.  The rumble of Apple vs. Microsoft could be heard within the walls of PresenterMedia.   It was only a matter of time before iPad/iPhone users learned the amount of versatility and strength Keynote offered, paired with the portability of their i-devices to create a unique opportunity to presenters to show their products, ideas, timelines and more to audiences abroad.  While this was a daunting tasks, the PresenterMedia family put our collective heads together and began the doubly scary task of A) Understanding the technical limitations of Keynote and B) Converting our existing templates into ones which could display properly in Keynote.

We are all proud of this advancement and the addition to the family of software we currently are able to create and support this increasingly popular program.  In upcoming weeks our support will continue as we create tutorials designed specifically around using Keynote with our templates and other content as well as how to maximize your presentation using Keynote’s unique abilities.