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Updated October 02, 2015

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Located in the Midwest of the United States, Presenter Media is owned and operated by artists whose goal is to provide a world-class resource for PowerPoint templates and presentation graphics.

Here's what we've been creating. New content inspired by our subscribers.
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September 14, 2015- Featured Template - Speak Out This animated template shows various animated slides with a broadcast microphone. Download for PowerPoint or Keynote.

September 8, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Hot Air Balloon Custom This custom design video shows a hot air balloon flying up into the clouds. You can customize the balloon with your own text and images.

September 3, 2015- Featured Template - Education Puzzle A collection of educational slides with an apple theme. The apple appears as a set of puzzle pieces as well as several other apple infographics that can be further customized to your presentation. Copy and past the slides into your existing presentation or use this template to start a new presentation.

August 27, 2015- Featured Video - Sinking Home A house on a chunk of land sinks below the waves.

August 20, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Figure Paints The Wall This custom design video shows a figure painting a wall. You can customize the paint with your own text and images.

August 17, 2015- Featured Content - Isometric Images Check out the fantastic new content our artists have created with an Isometric theme.

August 12, 2015- Featured Template - Umbrella Puzzle Protection This template shows an umbrella with a family underneath. Contains slides with the umbrella broken up into puzzle pieces. You can replace the family with other provided icons or an image of your own.

August 7, 2015- Featured Template - School Isometrics An Animated Template that is ideal for the teacher who wants to illustrate with flare. Move-able pieces and text areas to make the template your own. Dozens of different icons and images to use as well as a places to bring in your own graphics. The template has both animated and static pages to chose from.

August 3, 2015- Featured Template - Feature Presentation This template shows a feature presentation spotlight with the words ultimate success. Contains tutorial how to add a custom video to replace the ultimate success video.

July 28, 2015- Featured Template - Real Estate Isometrics A set of isometric images and slide layouts for use in building real estate or cityscape infographics.

July 24, 2015- Featured Animation - Turn Over A New Leaf This concept animation shows a old decaying leaf with the word failure on it, it then turns over to a vibrant alive green leaf with the word success.

July 20, 2015- Featured Template - Semi Truck Infographics A series of transportation and shipping supply slides featuring a semi-truck with editable charts, graphs, and infographics.

July 15, 2015- New Clip-art Customization Engine - Retro Robot Custom Customize the colors of this retro-styled robot.

July 13, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Custom Compass Close Up This custom text video shows a close up on a compass with the arrow pointing at text you can customize with your own message.

July 9, 2015- Featured Template - Cartoon Infographics A generic set of cartoon business figures in various poses and emotions. Cut and paste these figures into your own presentations or use the slides as designed.

July 6, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Retro Spy Custom A spy sneaks into an office and uncovers a secret document customized with your design.

July 1, 2015- Featured Template - Diagram Flow Chart This animated template shows various slides of diagram work flows.

June 26, 2015- Featured Template - Building Infographic Building are used to graphically display your message and data points in this infographic styled PowerPoint template.

June 22, 2015- New Clip-art Customization Engine - School Book Presenter A school textbook is given arms and legs along with a graduation hat in this education themed graphic. You can customize the cover and spine of the book with your own text, logos, and colors using our online tools.

June 17, 2015- Featured Template - Jackpot Winner This animated widescreen template shows a slot machine reels spinning with all landing on pots of gold. This could display a concept of success, wealth, or payoff.

June 10, 2015- Featured Template - Eclipsed Earth This PowerPoint template shows a eclipse earth spinning around its axis. This PowerPoint template could be use in presentations about astrology and astronomy.

June 5, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Cloud Fly Through Custom A view of the sky as we soar through the clouds with text rolling over the clouds

June 3, 2015- Featured Custom Video - City Custom Helicopter This custom design video shows a helicopter flying through city buildings observing with a mounted camera. You can customize the helicopter by adding your own text and images.

May 27, 2015- Featured Template - Supply Chain Logistics This supply chain themed template will help you show your audience the steps of your supply chain. You can use the slides included with the template or use the included artwork to create your own custom slides.

May 22, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Custom Exit Signs This custom design video travels down a freeway road passing by two overhead exit signs and finally taking the last exit then stopping in front the overhead road sign. All overhead signs can be customized by add your own text and images.

May 18, 2015- Featured Video - World Communication Tower A giant tower sends a signal over the earth and into outer space as the world spins.

May 14, 2015- New Clip-art Customization Engine - Young Woman White Board Custom A young business woman presents in front of a whiteboard with your custom design.

May 11, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Falling Polaroids Share your images with a caption in a retro style. Customize these Polaroids to fit your needs.

May 8, 2015- Featured Template - Systems Engineering This systems engineering diagram template shows project workflow. There are unique slide transitions to take your audience through your chart as you present.

May 5, 2015- Featured Template - Open & Closed Doors This simple yet effective open and closed doors template is a great way to show your audience the metaphor for open and closed doors. It shows opportunities and missed opportunities.

May 1, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Figure Working In Lab Custom This custom design video shows a scientist working in front of a marker board. You can customize the board by adding your own text and images.

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