Updated February 12, 2016

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Located in the Midwest of the United States, Presenter Media is owned and operated by artists whose goal is to provide a world-class resource for PowerPoint templates and presentation graphics.

Here's what we've been creating. New content inspired by our subscribers.
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February 8, 2016- Featured Custom Video - Start Button Gears Custom After a start button is pressed the camera passes by some turning gears until an image with your custom design fills the frame.

February 1, 2016- Featured Custom Video - Magicians Hat Reveal STEP RIGHT UP AND BE AMAZED!!! This custom design video shows magician hands waving wand over at hat and a note comes out. You can customize the note by adding your own text and images using our online customizer

January 27, 2016- Featured Template - Figure Out This Idea An Animated PowerPoint that uses a figure drawing ideas incorporating a lightbulb in many its layouts. All slides are customizable with your text and images.

January 19, 2016- Featured Custom Video - Figure Push Big Block Custom This custom design video shows a figure pushing a big block onto a ending platform. You can customize the block with your own text and images.

January 15, 2016- Featured Template - Time For Your Ideas An Animated PowerPoint Template that has many areas for input of custom wording. These pages have a whiteboard type-feel with all of its elements easily movable and editable.

January 11, 2016- Featured Custom Video - Stairs To Success Text Put your custom text on stairs business people are climbing.

January 5, 2016- Featured Custom Video - Aligned Fragments Custom As the camera moves, your custom image on broken fragments come together into a single image.

December 31, 2015- Featured Template - Searching Through Files This widescreen template shows hands searching through files.

December 24, 2015- Featured Template - Pure Celebration An Animated PowerPoint Template celebrating a new year. Change the date and colors to customize your own timeframe and preference.

December 10, 2015- Featured Video - Cozy Holiday An Animated Video Background of Santa making himself at home right next to a fire.

December 7, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Artist Paint Canvas Custom An artist uses a brush to paint your custom image onto a canvas.

December 3, 2015- Featured Template - Simple Push Design An Animated PowerPoint that explores the simple side of things. Clean modern layouts that allow for information to be displayed prominently without the design or space getting to clogged. Don't forget you can change the existing colors to fit your own needs.

November 30, 2015- Featured Template - Reaching Out to Communicate This animated template shows various slides with a hand holding out a phone to communicate.

November 24, 2015- Featured Images - Thanksgiving Content Check out the great Thanksgiving images our artists have created for the holiday season.

November 20, 2015- Featured Video - Epic Business Man Landscape A business man stands on a foggy landscape overlooking a city in the distance.

November 18, 2015- Featured Video - Epic Business Woman Landscape A business woman stands on a foggy landscape overlooking a city in the distance.

November 16, 2015- Featured Video - Spray Graffiti Custom Customize your own graffiti message on this brick wall.

November 10, 2015- Featured Template - Your Timeline Game An Animated PowerPoint that is designed with unlimited gaming possibilities. Use the template to spin the wheel (board game style) or create a timeline to display your points and have fun.

November 6, 2015- Featured Template - Character Countdown A deck of slides automatically counts down from 10 minutes. Add or subtract slides to change the duration.

November 2, 2015- Featured Video - Sunset on a Path This video background shows a path going uphill vanishing off into the distance the sun going down behind it.

October 28, 2015- Featured Video - Scary Graveyard Hand With Sign This custom design video shows the camera stopping in front of a grave stone after a fly through of a graveyard. A scary hand then pops out of the ground holding a sign which you can customize by adding your own text and images.

October 22, 2015- Featured Template - The Business Strip This animated template shows a downtown business strip. This is an interactive template which you can mouse click forward and backward though slides.

October 15, 2015- Blog Post - 8 Easy Ways to Better Your PresentationGetting up and speaking in front of a group of people can be terrifying. With some simple tips and self confidence you can do it with style and leave people remembering who you are.

October 9, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Drone Delivery Custom A drone delivers a box with your custom design on it.

October 5, 2015- Featured Video - House in Clouds A house on a chunk of land floats in the clouds.

September 30, 2015- Featured Template - Brain Puzzles Infographic This widescreen animated template contains a series of infographic layouts featuring an outline of a brain broken into various puzzle pieces and configurations, Use this presentation template to build your own presentation or cut and past the slides into your existing presentation.

September 25, 2015- Featured Template - Business Doodles Timeline An Animated Business inspired template that displays many business-type drawings incorporated into a timeline as well as static pages to insert your information, statistics and points.

September 14, 2015- Featured Template - Speak Out This animated template shows various animated slides with a broadcast microphone. Download for PowerPoint or Keynote.

September 8, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Hot Air Balloon Custom This custom design video shows a hot air balloon flying up into the clouds. You can customize the balloon with your own text and images.

September 3, 2015- Featured Template - Education Puzzle A collection of educational slides with an apple theme. The apple appears as a set of puzzle pieces as well as several other apple infographics that can be further customized to your presentation. Copy and past the slides into your existing presentation or use this template to start a new presentation.

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