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Figure Writes Four Bullet List  Video Background

Figure Writes Four Bullet List

ITEM#: 11444
TYPE: Video Background

A stick figure writes a four bullet word list. You can add your own words to the list using the customizer.

write four bullet list word text customizable draw marker information inform develop imagination custom word creative idea whiteboard white planning plan stick figure
Use the tools to the left to rebuild and download the image using your own message.

Tips for Creating Custom Images:
  • Due to length and complexity, some videos may take a couple of minutes to build. If you don't want to wait, your video will be saved in 'My Custom Media' for you to pick up later.
  • For Mac PowerPoint and Keynote, use the Quicktime(.mov) download option, and then insert the video into your presentation.
  • Custom video backgrounds can be used in any version of PowerPoint or any other software that supports video.
Figure Writes Four Bullet List  PowerPoint Video Background
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