Add your logo to a PowerPoint template

We’ve been getting some questions about how to add your logo to our PowerPoint templates.  Each of our templates has a placeholder for a logo or your company name.  In most cases this is an image placed in the slide master layout.   I thought I would describe how to remove or change the logo placeholder in this post.

Music Sheet PowerPoint Template

Template: Music Sheet PowerPoint Template

For the purpose of this tutorial I will be using PowerPoint 2007.

Step 1

After you have opened up the template in PowerPoint, you will need to locate, under the “View” tab, the “Slide Master” button.

Slide Master View

Slide Master View

Step 2

Simply highlight the logo placeholder and maker your changes.  You can now delete or change the logo to your own.

The Slide Master is pretty much the brain of the PowerPoint template.  All the pre-designed layouts can be found here and edited.  Changes you make in the slide master will affect all the pages in your presentation.  For example if you select the logo placeholder and delete it from the ppt,   it will delete the logo from all the pages in your presentation.  If you replace the placeholder with your own text or logo image, consequently, it will place your logo on all the pages in the presentation.

Note: You will probably need to check through all the layouts available in the Slide Master view since we typically include more than one option for the logo placeholder.

The Slide Master is a best friend for building pages fast, I will talk more about using PowerPoint’s Slide Master in future posts.

  • Carla Bittencourt

    Sorry, but I have a different version which does not have the master option. How do I do it?

    • Art Holden

      Hi Carla, all versions of PowerPoint should have a Master Slide area. Click on the view tab and there will be an area labeled Master Slide, or Slide Master.

  • Tim

    So I went through and removed all of the “Your Logo” pics. (I had to do this by checking the “Hide background graphics” check box at the top of the master slide page. Still, this got me thinking. Wasn’t there something in your terms of use that said we couldn’t remove some things due to copyright issues? Might this be one of those things we’re not supposed to be messing with?

    • Art Holden

      Hi Tim, When viewing the the very first slide in the slide master view, you can select and delete the your Logo placeholder. This should prevent you from having to “hide background graphics” which could result in hiding parts of the template you want to see.

      There is no problem with you deleting any of the elements in the template.

      Art Holden

  • Peter

    Great! Works perfectly in 2010 version- Thanks 🙂
    Tried “Hide Background Graphics” first, but it also changed the layout instead of only removing YOUR LOGO”.

  • Art,

    I am using pp2010 and your “question-direction” template. I was unable to remove the “your logo” placeholder. It appears as if the “your logo” is part of the background. any suggestions? am i doing anything wrong? thx!

    • Art Holden

      Hi Bala, The “your logo” place holder in that template is part of the Slide Master. Click on the view tab, choose Slide Master, delete the logo position in the first two slides, return to Normal View under the view tab.

      We have tried to move all the logo positions off the Slide Master, but it looks like this one was missed. I have fixed it on the site and uploaded it again as well.

      Art Holden

  • taylor

    I am suing PPT 2007. I do not have the “Your Logo” placeholder in my master slide. I also do not have the option to add this placeholder in the “Insert Placeholder” menu. I am trying to create a template with my company logo in the upper left corner of each slide. Many thanks for suggestions.

    • Art Holden

      Hello Taylor, Since this blog post, we have removed the logo placeholders from the templates as they were in the Slide Master and became confusing for most PowerPoint users.

      You can simply insert your logo using the insert picture function in PowerPoint. If you want it to appear on every slide automatically, you can insert it on the Slide Master. Under the view tab, click Slide Master, insert you logo, and then return to normal view.

      Hope this helps,

      Art Holden

      • saif

        Hi Holden,

        It is good post and very informative but can you tell me if i open everytime the PP so will be its appears every time i open it?? or can every one in the company can use it with deleting it??

        • Mike Weber

          I believe you are inquiring if you insert your logo into your presentation if it would stay in your presentation the next time you open it? As long as you save the presentation it should be in there.

  • Scott L

    Hello Art,

    I have no problem inserting my logo into a slide, but what I can’t figure out is how you made your placeholder logo transparent. I like the way that looks, so I can keep the gradient colors you’ve built into the slide background, but when I “change picture” or just paste my logo into the master slide, it pastes a white background on top of your color gradient.

    A white background is obviously what’s saved in my picture file for the logo, just curious how your placeholder logo was made to essentially be transparent around the logo itself.


    • Art Holden

      Hi Scott, Our images are created using the .PNG format which allows us to include transparency information with the image. Any good image program, like PhotoShop, will allow you to save images in PNG format.

      You can also use the Remove Background tool that is available in PowerPoint 2010 to remove the white background from your logo.

      Art Holden

      • Tejay Beauparlant

        Hi Guys

        Okay, I’m pulling my hair out trying to remove or replace the logo in the “Future Interface” template. When I go to the Slide Master, the logo is not on any slide much less the the first 2. I have tried hiding and hiding the background with no luck. I am using the latest version of PowerPoint in Windows.

        Please help…thanks

        • Art Holden

          Hi Tejay, This blog post is a bit out of date. The logo’s are no longer in the slide master, you can simply click on the logo and hit delete in the normal PowerPoint view. There is no need to go into the Slide Master view.

          Art Holden

  • Nora Horihan

    I am trying to remove the Your Logo text from the “Blue Earth” template with no luck. I tried your suggestion above but neither in slide master view nor in normal view can I highlight the words and delete them. I use PP 2011 for Mac.
    Help is appreciated!
    Thanks, Nora

    • Nora:

      I am writing a step by step process for blue earth specifically, it will be e-mailed to you later this morning.

    • Nora:

      Our artist has recreated the template and all the “Your Logo” items are now able to be deleted easily while you are in “normal” view of the presentation.


    I am using pp10 I was unable to remove the “your logo” placeholder. It appears as if the “your logo” is part of the background. any suggestions? am i doing anything wrong?

    • Devil:
      It sounds like you’re working in one of our templates which has the “Your Logo” embedded on the master slide. Here’s a link to our post about working in the Master Slide. If you can let me know which template it is you’re working in I’d be happy to update the artist who created it, we are updating templates to not use the Master Slide as much. Let me know if you need anything else.

  • Robert


    I’m not sure this is the right strand to do this on, but I have had zero luck with what I’m trying to accomplish. So I’m using 2010 powerpoint for mac and I’m trying to add our logo as a header on each slide. I have tried researching online pretty exhaustively but have come up short. I’ve exhausted my know how and am coming up short. Is there any way you could provide any guidance?


    • Robbie:

      First of all, I think you might be using PowerPoint 2011 for Mac, as PowerPoint 2010 was designed exclusively for PC, and 2011 exclusively for Mac. Regarding making your logo appear on each slide, that’s using the Slide Master. Go to View>Slide Master. You’ll see a bunch of slides open on the left side as thumbnails. Select the top most slide and add your logo where you want it to go. You can actually Copy+Paste to get this in the same position for each subsequent slide in the Slide Master. This causes every slide in the ‘Normal’ view to have your logo on it in the same place. Let me know if you have any further questions.


  • Brooke Fehlman

    love the article, I hope you are going to post more quality articles like this! book marked for future reference! =)

  • Cat

    My question in reference to the logo and setting a transparencey. My organizations logo is white and when i set in the PPT as a png it does not come as a transparent and if i hit transperancy it dissapears.

    I have already set it as a tiff, png, bitmap and it still does not work. Any suqquetions.

    – Cat –

    • Cat:

      Here’s the trick in your situation: The logo itself is white, and if it normally has a white background then by changing “Color” to Transparency, anything white will thus become transparent, including the logo itself. Typically an organization has the PNG available with no background at all, which would have probably been created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc. You could try opening the file in one of those programs and seeing if there is a layer that can be removed, or have a Magic Eraser applied to it without it catching the logo itself. If you do not have the Adobe suite, I’d recommend trying something like GIMP, which is a free online version, not quite as robust as Adobe but should be able to assist you. Best of luck to you!

  • Sweety

    Please help me out to insert a logo in all slides of already existing pp presentation?

    • Go to View>Slide Master and click on the top slide thumbnail on the left. This will open the master slide. Insert your logo by using “Insert”>”Picture” wherever you’d like it to appear on the slide. All slides using this layout style will now have your logo in the same position.

  • DJK

    Thanks, it was really useful. I have now been able to edit original set designs with our company colours.


    i am working wt my power point 2013 . suddenly i realized i need to add a logo in all my slides at header area . but i cant do that with master slides option….plz help me….

    • You can add your logo to the header using the Master Slide, but typically the easiest way to guarantee its appearance is to set it on the highest level of master slide, as opposed to any of the subsidiary slides.

  • Cyman

    Is there a way of adding logo to the master so that the logo will always be positioned at the front, ie when adding images to your slide your logo will always show in front?

    • Unfortunately it’s not possible to have the logo display in front of content if the logo is set in the master slide deck. If you place the logo on a single standard slide, you could use copy+paste once all other content has been inserted and have it paste into the same position on each slide. That may be an alternate solution to your problem.

      • Cyman

        Ok, thanks for your help 🙂

  • Margaret

    I’m working with PowerPoint 2010 and the “Master” was provided to me by the University that I work for. They authorized use of their presentations – which I currently teach – to create custom training modules for an agency that we have a contract with. Long story short, the University Division name is at the “top” left of each Master and I want to keep that. But on the top right, there is the “original” course name and I want to delete this. I’ve tried to “highlight” the course name and delete it. I can only seem to “text box” the area. HELP! I don’t want to “hide background” as it eliminates the University information. Can help with this????

    • Margaret

      Solved my own problem! I was going to a “sub-Master.” When I finally went to the “big” Master, I found the text box and deleted the text.

  • Radhika

    Thank you so much, It was a great help….

  • Mangaliso

    I want to add company logo on my slides and i have already figured out how it is done but my problem now is i want to keep it permanent without being highlighted. please help

    • Mike Weber

      I am not sure what you mean by highlighted. You can go into “View, Slide Master” to edit the first slide to make it permanent.

  • Brandon Jeffery Santoyo

    How to do this i just want a logo for my background for my Youtube channel

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