Getting Started – PowerPoint Templates

We’re happy to announce a new series of video tutorials to help you get started using PresenterMedia.  In our first installment, PresenterMedia artist and co-owner, Art Holden, takes a look at using our PowerPoint templates.

Click the play button to view a video tutorial about using our animated PowerPoint templates.

Covered in this video tutorial:

  • Downloading Templates
  • Changing Between Static and Animated Layouts
  • Copying Slides from a Template to an Existing Presentation

We hope that this video is helpful in getting you started using PresenterMedia templates for PowerPoint.  Thank you for watching.

You may also enjoy viewing our getting started video about our 3D animations and clipart.

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82 Responses to “Getting Started – PowerPoint Templates”

  1. Sally Neill says:

    Hey Art

    Another great video, I wasn’t aware of the animated and static options, you do learn something new every day, well certainly if you are a member of presenter media.

    Thanks again for some top tips,

    Sally :)

    • Art Holden says:

      Thanks Sally, I’m glad your were able to learn something new. Thanks for being a subscriber!

      Art Holden

  2. Hi,
    I am unable to get the animation feature to work on Power Point 2008 for Office Mac 2008.

    Please provide assistance.



    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Marcus, I believe that we spoke awhile back, but I wanted to post here as others may find this useful. With Mac PowerPoint there are two things to check. First of all you need to make sure your PowerPoint 2008 is up to date. It may be missing an important update from Microsoft. The Office 2008 Service Pack Two is required. This would update automatically if you are regularly installing updates to the software on your Mac.

      Also with Mac PowerPoint, you need to be running a free plug in called Flip4Mac, this makes the videos in our animated templates cross-platform compatible. This is also a free download from Microsoft.

      You can find both downloads here:

      Art Holden

      • Melanie Williams Irby says:

        I’m so thankful for posts like this … thank you for so many resources to help folks like me who don’t know as much as I’d like to!

        • Melanie Williams Irby says:

          And now I’m hoping for a few more answers. I just ran every update and downloaded Flip4Mac and the animations still aren’t working. Any thoughts or suggestions?

          Many Thanks!

          • krjones says:


            Have you tried downloading one of the Mac specific versions of the template?

          • T.Nelson says:

            I am running OSx Mountain Lion, Office 2008 sp.3, downloaded flip4mac, and only downloaded ppt 2008 versions of templates from you, and still none work. Now what?

          • T.Nelson says:

            Nevermind, the ever awesome “reboot it one more time” worked!

          • krjones says:


            Glad it got worked out for you. Also, as long as you’re downloading the Mac version of the templates you do not need Flip4Mac, although it is really handy if you’ll end up presenting on a PC and need to use that format.

  3. Erica says:

    I am unable to get the animation feature in PPT 2007 PC to work. The little gif animated people work, but not an animated template. Please let me know.



    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Erica, Have you run Windows Update to insure that your PowerPoint 2007 is up to date? Run Windows Update and then install anything related to Office 2007 it finds. Most of this issues are related to software missing an update or patch. Microsoft has released several update to Office 2007.

      Here is a link to our troubleshooting guide for PowerPoint 2007 which might also be helpful.

      Art Holden

  4. Hi, I am a student, and I was asked to submit a powerpoint audio presentation. Would downloading a powerpoint template be enough to do my presentation?

    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Rhiannon, A template would provide you the design and slide layouts for your presentation. You could then add your audio track the the presentation using the tools in PowerPoint.

      Art Holden

  5. Anita Savoy says:

    Hi Art Holden & PresenterMedia Team,

    Some time ago I requested the genie clipart and have been so buisy I forgot about my request. I found them today and was pleasantly surprised to see them. They will be perfect setting up a presentation for the middle school math class.

    I am always searching for new innovative animations and clip art to grab the attention of the students and keep them actively involved.

    Having new themes consistantly keeps the students curious and wondering what they will see next.

    The animations work great in the the presentations and the clipart works great to signal reminders about what specific lesson they are covering during assessments and tests by strategically placing specific clip art related to the presentation throughout the worksheets.

    Thank you very much for playing a huge role in helping the students progress in their education goals successfully.

    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Anita, Thank you for the kind words, we’re happy that we can play a small role in the education on your students!

      All the best,
      Art Holden

  6. Christina Zampitella says:

    Hi there – I’m interested in using slide from several different animated powerpoint templates into one presentation. I have a Mac with Office 2008 (I’ve updated everything). Is this doable?


  7. Christina Zampitella says:

    oh! Well, I do see you can do so based on the tutorial, but since it looks different in the 2008 version and it is a Mac, is there a tutorial showing how to do it in Office Mac?

    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Christina, in Mac 2008 it works pretty much the same way but it is labeled differently. The command is under under “Insert/Slides From/Other Presentation.” Make sure you check “Keep Design of Original Slides” when you are selecting the slides to insert.

      I’m adding some screen shots here.

      Art Holden

  8. Hi Art Holden & PresenterMedia Team,

    I happened across your site last night while looking for PPT templates and I love it! I recently subscribed and am very much looking forward to putting together my first animated presentation.

    I have a couple of questions for you though.

    1. If the presentation I am doing is being streamed live and the animations do not show up for the viewer, will the slides default to the static version or should I plan to use the static version for this particular venue?

    2. Can I design a presentation and put it on my website for others to view- and will they see it in the animated format or is there something else I need to do to it to make that work?

    3. When I preview the presentation on my laptop (Dual core; windows 7; PPT 2010; 3G RAM) it is sluggish and the animations get hung up- what would be the ideal set up?

    Thanks so much!
    Marissa :)

    • Art Holden says:

      Hello Marissa,

      In answer to your questions:

      1. With live streaming it is dependent on the software and connection speed, if the software is unable to stream the animation, the animation is replaced with a static image.

      2. If you want to put an animated presentation on the web, we recommend converting it to a video first, and then publishing the video. Using something like YouTube is probably the easieist, but there are several way to get video on the web. PowerPoint 2010 allows you to save your animated presentation as a Window Media Video (WMV) which make doing this very easy.

      3. It sounds like you have a perfect computer set up for our presentations, which template is performing sluggishly? You could try turning down the slideshow resolution under the SlideShow tab in the ribbon. This will boost performance.

      Art Holden

  9. Melinna says:


    I love using your animated presentations! I have one question though, how do I edit the speed of the animations? For example, in the Write Your Own Text template – the words that I want to display are shorter than what the aninamtion is writing. I also do not have 5 sections of text – only 3. I like the look of this presentation – but it takes the professionality out of it when the animation is still writing & there’s no text showng up.


    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Melinna, thank you for the compliment. In regards to the “Write your Own Text” template, that template is currently fixed with 5 sections. It utilizes a video file as the background and triggers for the 5 text slots. We are looking at ways to increase the customization of videos directly from our website, but currently there are no robust tools in PowerPoint to edit out sections of a video file.

      Art Holden

  10. Dave Newgass says:

    This is a freakin’ awesome site! I wish I found it a year ago. I am excited to use some of htese templates for some upcoming eLearning courses I am developing.



  11. Nathalie Debuque says:

    I don’t know hot save it in my hard drive. I am using powerpoint 2010, but it doesn’t work the same way as shown in the video… It directly downloads into my computer as a ppt., whenever I click the design tab, the template does not show.

    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Nathalie, It sounds like your Internet browser is configured to download the file automatically without prompting you to open or save. Most likely, the template is being downloaded to a folder on your computer called “Downloads”. When you are in PowerPoint 2010, you would just use the File/Open command, and then go to the Downloads directory to open the file. Our templates open just like any other presentation you have made. The templates do not automatically show up under the Design Tab.

      Please let me know if you are still having problems.

      Art Holden

  12. revi says:

    Hi, i wold like to be a member, join in, but i am working on PP2003. will everything in the site work on this version? incloding the animated PP templates?
    Thank u

    • Art Holden says:

      Hello, Thank you for your interest in PresenterMedia. Yes, all our PowerPoint animations and clipart will work great in PowerPoint 2003. As for the animated templates, they will work fine, however the video animations are separate files (they are not embedded like they are in 2007 and 2010) which means you need to be sure that your presentation and the video files stay together in the same directory for the animation effects to work properly.

      All the best,
      Art Holden

  13. revi says:

    Hi, i want to register now in the name of the company i am working in . will i get an invoice after the payment?
    I will pay with credit card… The company must have invoice for the purchase..

    Thank u

    • Art Holden says:

      @Revi – yes, you will receive an receipt in the name of the company immediately after the order. If you need an invoice in advance, please use the contact us area above, and let us know. We can generate an invoice in advance for you.


  14. EBRU says:

    i am using Power point 2007 and after downloading the animated template, unfortuantely i will not see the animation. could you please help on this issue?

    • Art Holden says:

      Hello EBRU, Most likely if you are having difficulty seeing the animation in a template using PowerPoint 2007, it means that you are missing an update from Microsoft. Microsoft routinely issues patches for all of its Office programs. The easiest way to make sure you have all the updates from Microsoft is to run Windows Update on your computer and then install anything related to Office 2007 it finds. If you have not done this before, there will probably be several updates you will need to install.

      We also have a troubleshooting guide for PowerPoint 2007 here that could also be of help.

      Thank you for subscribing!
      Art Holden

  15. John says:

    Greetings to the presenter media team from across the pond! I have just registered and now up and running and I would just like to say how impressed I am with the many templates available to download.

    I will definitely be making good use of the templates in my presentations

    Keep up the good work – there are some very talented people in your organisation!

  16. John says:

    Hey Art, gr8 info. just like to know can i use different computers for the downloading or is it for just one? ie I have my home computer but often do PPT at the office so how do I access from office if all downloaded to home PC?

    • Art Holden says:

      Hi John, The subscription is not locked to one computer. You may download both at home and the office.

      Art Holden

  17. Katy says:


    I can not get the animations to work on PC 2007. I have completed all updates and it now says that I have SP2 in Powerpoint otpions/resources. I’m a new subscriber but would love to figure out what I’m doing wrong!!!

  18. David says:

    Hello Team,

    I just purchased your multimedia and stumbled upon one thing. I’m using PowerPoint2008. When I copy animated slides from one slideshow to another only static part gets copied, but animated doesn’t work.


  19. Dave says:

    How do I handle animation using Open Office? Open Office has compatibility with .ppt files, but not .pptx as far as I can tell.

    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Dave,

      At this point we are not officially supporting OpenOffice with our animations. Specifically OpenOffice does not yet support many of PowerPoint’s animation and video features which our templates utilize.

      Art Holden

  20. Anel says:

    I would like to personalize one of your animated templates. I would like to replace the jet in the video with my own. Is that possible?

    • admin says:

      Hi Anel,
      We are looking more ways to allow customization of our content. Unfortunately, changing an element in a pre-rendered video is complicated and is not something we can do at this time.

      Art Holden

  21. Brian says:


    I have tried about 5 different templates for both mac 2008 and office 2007 and the animations still don’t work. I have done all my updates and still nothing. Has someone had the same issue. I really to get my presentations started

    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Brian, I’m sorry to hear the difficulties. First of all, just to be sure, you are viewing the templates in SlideShow mode? (Under the ‘SlideShow’ tab choose ‘From Beginning’ to view the slideshow) The templates will not animate in normal edit mode.

      For Mac PowerPoint 2008, in addition to making sure you have all the Microsoft Updates installed, you also need the free Flip4Mac plug in installed. Be sure you have completely restarted after installing any updates and the Flip4Mac plug in. Here is our complete step by step troubleshooting guide for PowerPoint 2008.

      For PowerPoint 2007 on the PC, we also have to make sure that both PowerPoint 2007 and Windows Media Player are up to date. The easiest is to run Window Update on your machine and install anything it finds related to Office 2007 and Windows Media Player. Here is our step by step guide for PowerPoint 2007.

      Please contact us if you continue to experience problems.

      Art Holden

  22. al perez says:

    I am impressed!! These animations are AWESOME you guys rock!! best use of my money!! Congratulations!!

  23. Clarence says:

    Hi, I am trying to work with a specific template called Future Interface (item number 5824) and I can’t seem to enter my tittle and subtitles in the animation. Is that normal? In fact, I would like the little white man to point out at my tittle & subtitle. Would that be possible?

    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Clarence, The Future Interface template is one of two templates we have that relies on features only available in PowerPoint 2010 (or 2011 on a Mac). What version of PowerPoint are you using?

      Art Holden

  24. David Ysasi says:

    This site is totally awesome!!! I wished I had found this alot sooner. I have given a good 10 ppt presentations in school in the past semesters and this would have been awesome to show. Now I can amaze my fellow students!!! Maybe I will share this site as well….but maybe after this semester is over. :)

  25. StressDoc says:

    Item Number: 7116 Type: Presentation Clipart
    Add your own text to this blank official looking document, certificate or invitation.

    Hello Art, Please inform me if how I can add text to the static certificate and envelope. See statement above.

    Also, can text be added to the animated envelope, too? I am new to Presentermedia, so your response will be very helpful as I incorporate some of the slides into existing PowerPoint presentations.



    • krjones says:

      Put a textbox over the existing image inside of powerpoint to create text on top of the envelope. This will create the illusion of the text being on the certificate etc. while still being able to be changed as needed. An animation would have the text placed on top after the animation itself is complete. This is something that you would be able to add to the powerpoint yourself at the moment you would like to see the text appear.

  26. Dave says:

    I am trying to add text to the Future PPT the animation plays but the text doesn’t show up.

    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Dave, It sounds like you might be using the PowerPoint 2010 version of the template with PowerPoint 2007. Try downloading the 2007 version.

      Art Holden

  27. Elaine says:

    Thanks for the tutorial…saved me time from clicking to try to figure things out!

  28. Jan says:

    Hi Art,
    Can I change the color of my stick person without changing the other back ground colors? I only want the stick people to change colors.

    • krjones says:

      You can change the stick person alone by working in our Hue color correction pane under each preview image. Some of our images have other attributes that will change (i.e. an umbrella or other accessory) with the stick figure, but most are only the stick figure that changes. If you’re looking at a specific item let me know the # and I’ll work with you to get it “just right”.

  29. Jan says:

    I am trying to use the clip art and only change the stick figure from white to any other color without changing the items in the clipart. I have tried several of the images and can not just change the stick figure color. An example is item number 7071..If I change the color it changes the X and check mark color. Any suggestions??? Jan

  30. Shirish says:


    I subscribed to PresenterMedia today. I downloaded couple of animated templates. I’m having Windows 7 system with Intel Core i5 processsor with MS Office 2010.
    When I start the slide show, the embedded animation video is not working. I’m using 1600×900 resolution.
    Pls help!!

    • krjones says:

      I’m so sorry to hear you are having trouble with our content. There are a few possible culprits, one of which is the compression settings , here is the link for this: . The next step (if the above does not work) would be to make sure your PowerPoint is up to date, as well as your Windows Media Player. To check for updates for PowerPoint, use your Windows Update tool , and to check for your Windows Media Player update, go straight through the Windows Media program. Let me know if you need additional assistance, you may send us an e-mail through our Contact link, call us, or continue using this comment thread.

  31. Dawn says:

    I have taken out my membership today and just wanted to say thank you for creating such beautiful templates!

    I’ve been searching for a while for PP templates and yours are by far the best I’ve seen.

    Keep up the great work! :)

  32. Very nice! I can use these tutorials for my new comming blogs. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

  33. Pat says:

    Unfortunately, I have a 2003 version of PPT so I am baffled. I want to use the “home” button to ensure I can see my layout and choose “animated” but the slideshow will not make the first slide move – just looks like a picture. I hope I did not join today and find this info and material useless. I hate to have to buy a newer version of Office just to create more modern slides. Other slides do move but this first one does not. Any advice?

    • Kara Jones says:


      More than likely, you are missing a service pack for Office 2003 and/or an update to Windows Media Player, either of which may cause an animation to become disabled. Start by viewing this Getting Started Tutorial (focuses on PowerPoint 2003 instead of 2007/2010). I’ve included links to both the Service Pack for Office 2003 and a download for Windows Media Player, simply make sure you are downloading the proper version of Windows Media Player for your operating system (Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8 etc.) Also, please verify that you downloaded the 2003 version of the template, as the 2007 and newer versions will not work properly in PowerPoint 2003.

  34. Mharaid Berry says:

    I’ve really enjoyed using your animations in powerpoints however I have recently been updated to 2013 powerpoint and the animations are either not working at all or are very slow and sticky. Do you know why this would be? They have always worked fine on older versions of powerpoint.

  35. Pierre Buchal says:

    I adore your website.. good hues & design. Did people style and design this website yourself or perhaps performed you hire someone to get it done for you? Plz respond since I!|m aiming to layout my own, personal website as well as want to recognize wherever u became this kind of from. many thanks

  36. Kalei Sine says:

    How can you embed a animation onto your website, specifically weebly?

    • Mike Weber says:

      We had another member mention if you upload the .gif and DON’T edit the size
      or anything in Weebly, it plays just fine. If you resize it or edit it in any way in
      Weebly, it won’t play. You should be able to add it like any other image.

  37. Dave Mitchell says:

    I like the new graph presentation slides, but am having difficulty today seeing if there is a way to link the chart bars to a particular / specific Excel sheet. can you help me? I’d like to use my data from an Excel sheet and have that data drive the bars.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Dave M

    • Mike Weber says:

      You may want to use a hyperlink if you are wanting to include an Excel spreadsheet. The bars are not going to link up to the data automatically. You would need to adjust the Power Point to the figures you are using.

  38. Bob says:

    I cannot get the text on animation that the mans comes across the screen, any text I add, does not populate when I run slide show

  39. Laura Case says:

    Its working perfectly for me. I am using the animations on my presentations, and my employees are loving it. Thanks

  40. Kristin says:

    If i wanted to use the puzzle animation but with my own image-can I do that? Sorry if that is a dumb question.

    • Billy Schlotter says:

      Hi Kristi,

      The animation that is shown in this tutorial is a stock video that you can find on our site. You can’t use your own image with that animation unfortunately. We do show you how to customize puzzle pieces in this tutorial, and you can add any of the animations found in PowerPoint to it to make it your own.


  41. Lisa says:

    This is a good tutorial, but it doesn’t say what to do when it doesn’t work … and you can’t get help until normal duty hours, Monday through Friday, when I’m at work. How disappointing, it looks good, but a failure when you don’t show how to get it to work when it’s not working.

    • Billy Schlotter says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m sorry for the frustration. Is there a specific issue you are having with a template that you need help with? If needed we can arrange a call that would be best suited for you.

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