Custom Puzzles in PowerPoint

This advanced tutorial demonstrates how to use our Puzzle Piece Toolkit to create your own custom puzzle in PowerPoint.

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  • Phillip Johnson

    Really cool. Appreciate the time to do the demo as well.

  • Karen

    Took me a little longer than the half hour mentioned in the video, but I finally got my 5×5 puzzle together.


  • Claire Bleathman

    It looks incredible Karen… Something to aspire to!

  • Richard Velleu

    Hi– I’m having trouble understanding how the image gets translated across all the puzzle pieces. You say “I’m going to disappear and set up the rest of the top row…”, and that’s where I lose you! How does the single image get applied seamlessly across all pieces? Sorry if I’m missing something obvious! Thx

    • Billy Schlotter

      Hi Richard. Sorry for your confusion. You will need to adjust the X and Y axis to align the image up. If you listen after that, Kara explains how you will need to adjust those axis to help align the image.. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Kate Demitrus

    Hello! This is probably a really simple answer, but using the 5×5 puzzle, I can fit the top and bottom right & left pieces, the center on the left and right and the middle piece. When I try to fit the others from my picture, PP duplicates pictures I’ve already used. (In the top row, it puts the pictures from top left into the second puzzle piece). I cant seem to place any pictures in the second or fourth rows either. How do I work through this? Thanks so much!!!

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