Choosing between Static and Animated Slides – Mac Version

If you have joined our website (subscribed) you are probably familiar with the concept of choosing between animated and static slides in any given template.  However, if you are using a Mac computer, the steps are slightly different than those shown in our PC tutorials.  We’ll start with using PowerPoint 2011:



If you open our template, you will see “Home” and “Themes” in the upper left corner.  By clicking Home you will see the word “Layout” appear beneath.  Click on the Layout button.


You will see the title of your current layout (Climbing Animated Theme in this case).  Next, click the scroll wheel and drag down to see the other optional layouts:



Once you see the layout you’d like to use (note the Climbing Static Theme), click on it and it will change the layout of the current slide.

Note that once you have a theme being used (static title layout etc) You can access it through the Themes tab.




Next on to PowerPoint 2008.




In PowerPoint 2008, the theme selector is set up slightly differently.  Primarily, it is found under the “Slide Layouts” button, located as the second “tab” in PowerPoint.  Click on the Slide Layouts tab:



Notice all of the available layouts that you see.  Each slide can then be “paged through” until you find the layout you’d like to use.  Click the layout you’d like to use and the layout will be changed.


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