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An animation of a smart phone with a square discussion box popup and closing with the ability to add custom text.
Smart Phone Popup Text
PowerPoint Animation
A stick figure points to three custom text spots on a chalkboard where you can put your own text into.
Pointing At Chalkboard Text
PowerPoint Animation
This animated clip art shows a stick figure sitting on top of another stick figures shoulders holding up the fourth piece in a four colored bar graph.<br><br> <FONT COLOR="FF0000"> Note*  For best results in this custom animation use Upper Case letters sparingly.</FONT>
Team Raise Graph Text
PowerPoint Animation
A stick figure balances words on a pole as it traverses a tightrope. This clip-art can represent balancing a difficult situation.
Stick Figure Tightrope Text
PowerPoint Animation
A smart phone receives a text message.
Smart Phone Message Text
PowerPoint Animation
A stick figure using a mop to clean the floor text.  You can replace the text with your own.
Stick Figure Mopping Floor Text
PowerPoint Animation
Two stick figures work together to build a tower out of blocks. This custom text animation shows a concept of teamwork or solving a problem or puzzle.  You can control the number of times this animation will play by choosing the number of loops in the customizer.
Stick Figures Building Blocks Text
PowerPoint Animation
This custom animation shows a stick figure meditating while centered on a balanced teetering panel.
Stick Figure Balanced Text
PowerPoint Animation
This custom animation shows a vaults door locks opening and then swinging open revealing text inside which you can change to your own text .   <br><br> This animation is made to only loop one time. 
<a href="http://www.presentermedia.com/blog/2010/07/set-number-loops-animated-gif/"> Learn how to set the number of loops here.</a>
Vault Opening Text (Non Looping)
PowerPoint Animation
Two stick figure discuss while standing in front on a blank flip board.
Flip Board Discussion Text
PowerPoint Animation
A stick figure beggar holds a tin can and a worn painted sign. This clip-art can represent someone in need.
Beggar Holding Can and Sign Text
PowerPoint Animation
A stick figure guards with a glowing shield for protection.
Stick Figure Virus Shield Text
PowerPoint Animation
Stick Figure Lifting Building Blocks with customizable text.
Stick Figure Lift Building Blocks
PowerPoint Animation

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