PresenterMedia PowerPoint Add-in

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Our Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in is compatible with?

  • PowerPoint 2016 & 2019
  • PowerPoint 365 for Windows and Mac.
  • PowerPoint Online Web App

Install the PowerPoint Add-in from inside PowerPoint or using the AppSource link below. It takes little time, and creating presentations becomes much faster and easier.

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An image explaining what the PresenterMedia PowerPoint add-in offers

How to Install the Add-in directly inside PowerPoint

  • Inside PowerPoint, go to ( Insert ) in the top menu, then select
    ( Get Add-ins ). A screenshot of instructions for adding the PresenterMedia add-in
  • Search for PresenterMedia and click the Add button. search PowerPoint add-ins
  • Choose trust this add-in, and find it added under (Home) in the top menu.
  • Open the add-in by clicking the PresenterMedia icon on the far right of the Home ribbon.

Click Here to Install Add-in from the Microsoft AppSource.

An alternative way to install our PowerPoint Add-in.

A Microsoft badge image for to access the AppSource Store when clicked.

After installing the add-in, go here to find video tutorial instructions.

Mac and Windows Compatible

Whether you live in the Mac world or Windows world, installing our add-in will speed up your PowerPoint design time. See system requirements.

Access All Graphics Customizer Tools Directly inside PowerPoint!

  • SlideClips Video Maker- Change text, colors, and images inside videos and quickly insert them as a PowerPoint slide.
  • Graphics Customizer - Add your personalized message, image, or logo to customizable graphics, animations, and videos.
  • 3D Interactive Graphics Maker - A real-time preview tool to change text, add images, select colors, then rotate the 3D view if you desire a new angle.
  • Word Cloud Maker - Use this Tool to create and insert word cloud art that makes your keywords stand out.
  • Color Changer - Modify the colors of animations, clipart, and videos.

If you used our legacy PowerPoint add-in, we know you will be pleasantly surprised with our new updated add-in capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there instructions on how to use the PowerPoint Add-in?

Yes, there are many videos explaining how to use the PresenterMedia Add-in. You can find all the instructional videos here.

What is the PresenterMedia Add-in for PowerPoint?

The Add-in is a plugin for PowerPoint which gives our subscribers a fast way to add our content to PowerPoint. Templates, clipart, videos, and animations can be added directly from inside PowerPoint without downloading them from the website.

Do I have to install the Add-in to use PresenterMedia?

No, the Add-in is available for your convenience. It is not required to use PresenterMedia. All our content is accessible directly from our website.

What version of PowerPoint do I need to use the Add-in?

Our Add-in is available for PowerPoint 2016, 2019 or Microsoft 365 on Windows 7 or newer computers. Also available for MAC OS with Microsoft PowerPoint 365 installed.

Do I need to be a subscriber to PresenterMedia to use the Add-in?

Yes, a subscription is required. However, some select designs are free to try when you install the PresenterMedia add-in from the Microsoft Store.

How do I uninstall the Add-in?

If you no longer wish to use the PresenterMedia add-in, you can remove it in PowerPoint under < INSERT > MY ADD-INS. Then click the three dots that show when you mouse over the add-in icon.

Do I need to uninstall the old discontinued Add-in before installing the new updated Add-in?

No, the new PowerPoint add-in will install fine without removing the discontinued one first. However, if you want to remove the old one, see the uninstall instruction here.

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