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Download this animation clip of a character walking back an fourth in contemplation.  Use in presentation/media designs for visual aid engagement.
Reflection and Contemplation Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Download this animated clipart of a solar eclipse reaching totality.  Add to presentations/media designs to display this awe-inspiring phenomena.
Solar Eclipse Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Download this queen bee flying animation - An depiction of leadership and authority.
Queen Bee Flying Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Download this animation clip of a man walking deep in thought
Walking Deep in Thought
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Animation of a sparkly red crystal.  Add it to your presentations / media designs to represent energy, passion, and vitality.
Sparkly Red Crystal Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Download this animated clipart of a sparkly blue diamond. Symbolize riches and wealth in presentations/media designs.
Sparkly Blue Diamond Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Rich Lucky Duck Animated Clipart -  Symbolling Wealth and Prosperity.
Rich Lucky Duck Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Money Man animation clip - Confidence and Financial Security
Money Man Clipart
PowerPoint Animation
Daydreaming in Clouds Animation - A visual element to show tranquil reflection away from chaos
Daydreaming in Clouds Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Emoji Fighter - Animation to depict an intense aggressive expression to accompany your message.
Emoji Fighter Animation
PowerPoint Animation
The "Pie in the Sky" Animation - Whimsical and Delightful
Pie In The Sky Animated Idiom
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Diamond Glint Spin Animation as a attractive visual aid to draw attention to a message or image.
Diamond Glint Spin ( No Transparency )
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Sad Star Shaking Head Animation - A visualization of disappointment in a poor review or attempt.
Sad Star Emoji Shaking Head
PowerPoint Animation
Downloads this two Jumping Stars - Animation for depicting positivity or two stars in a rating system.
Two Jumping Stars
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Four Star Rating Jumping - Animation for depicting steps toward excellence. Use in presentation / media designs.
Animated Four Star Rating Jumping
PowerPoint Animation
Download this One Star Rating Jumping - Animation for depicting a positive outlook after poor execution.
Jumping One Star Rating
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Emoji Referee Animation - Use to symbolize making a decision or call.
Emoji Referee Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Five Star Rating Jumping - Animation for depicting excellence, high quality, and satisfaction in presentation / media designs.
Animated Five Star Rating Jumping
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Three Star Rating Jumping - Animation for depicting aspiration for excellence and satisfaction in presentation / media designs.
Animated Three Star Rating Jumping
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Electric Vehicle - Animation for Environmental Awareness, sustainable energy, and going green in presentation / media designs.
Electric Vehicle Animated Clipart
PowerPoint Animation
Bored Emoji At Work - animated clipart to visualize  boredom and disinterest at the workplace.
Bored Emoji At Work Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Emoji Resting in the Cloud - Clipart associated with happiness, relaxation, or being ‘on cloud nine.’
Emoji Resting in the Clouds Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Valentine Gnome - Animation to  Celebrate Love and Romance: This animated clip depicts a whimsical gnome with floating heart balloons.
Valentine Gnome Animation
PowerPoint Animation
800 lb. Gorilla - Animation Idiom depicting a powerful 800 lb. gorilla symbolizing dominance and influence.
800 lb. Gorilla Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Flying Cupid Valentines Animation - Add an animated of love and charm to your projects. Perfect for presentations and media designs!
Flying Cupid Animation
PowerPoint Animation
The Waving Chef Emoji Animation - a smiley chef waving hello with a spoon. Add visual flavor to presentation and media designs.
Happy Waving Chef Emoji Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Rocking Giraffe Head - Animation of a giraffe's head rocking back and fourth.  Download now for presentation and motion design.
Rocking Giraffe Head Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Groucho Marx Emoji Animation
Groucho Marx Emoji Animation
PowerPoint Animation
This bouncing Charlie Chaplin emoji animation is a great design element for presentations and animated media designs.
Animated Bouncing Charlie Chaplin Emoji
PowerPoint Animation
The Animated Elvis: "Elvis Playing Guitar"
Elvis Playing Guitar
PowerPoint Animation

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