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Infinite Ideas video animation | customizable colors, rings, light bulb, and text. Ideal for presentations, marketing, or education.
Infinite Ideas Video Animation
Video Background
Spooky October Calendar Video: Mesmerizing animations, customization, and eerie ambiance for creators, planners, and businesses.
Spooky October Calendar Video
Video Background
Customize this The More You Know Animation Quote. Engage, educate, and inspire your audience like never before.
Know and Grow Animation Quote
Video Background
Dive into September's beauty with our animated Fall Calendar Video Background. Leaves swirl, calendars animate—create captivating visuals for any use!
Blowing Leaves: September Fall Calendar Video
Video Background
Thinking Forward Gears: Customize & Create Dynamic Videos and Animated GIF elements. Unleash Your Creativity!
Think Forward Video Animation
Video Background
Grab the attention of your viewers attention with our vibrant classroom announcement video background Perfect for impactful announcements.
Classroom Announcement Video: Sticky Note and Megaphones
Video Background
Nature's transition: a video background of a tree shifting from summer green to autumn red. Elevate your projects with this visual metaphor.
Summer to Autumn Video Background
Video Background
Journey of a changing tree video with 'Embrace Change, It's Inevitable' message. Embrace life's transformation and move forward confidently.
Embrace Change Video: Transformation Through Seasons
Video Background
Visualize risk, success & overcoming with this Leap of Faith video background. Elevate content with dynamic visuals & customization.
Courage and Triumph: Leap of Faith Video Background
Video Background
This captivating video background presents a powerful message of inclusivity and empowerment against bullying.
No Bullying Allowed Video
Video Background
In this video background, a dreamlike scene unfolds as puffy clouds drift gracefully across the sky which is full of vibrant color. Download now!
Rainbow and Clouds Video Background
Video Background
A captivating "Rainbow in the Clouds Video Background Calendar", the perfect addition to elevate your presentations and captivate your audience.
August Calendar Rainbow in Clouds - Editable Video
Video Background
Celebrate the spirit of liberty and evoke a sense of national pride with this American patriotic video background.
Let Freedom Ring Patriotic Video Background
Video Background
Add summertime charm to presentations, social posts, or videos with July Calendar Tropical Sun video background. Captivating and editable design.
July Calendar Tropical Sun - Editable Video
Video Background
Step into a prehistoric world where simplicity meets the wonders of technology with our captivating editable "Caveman Friendly" video template.
Caveman Friendly Video Template
Video Background
A captivating bear vs. bull investing video! By using our online video maker, you can easily modify and customize your video to your liking. Get started now!
Bear vs Bull Market Video Background
Video Background
This June Summer Calendar Video shows captivating videos that will bring the spirit of summer to your presentations! Download Now!
June Calendar Video
Video Background
This editable video template shows a collaboration of abandoned silos that are stronger together.
Abandon The Silos
Video Background
This video background illustrates the determination of a goldfish jumping out of a fish bowl.
Goldfish Break Free
Video Background
This video shows a character staring at a computer screen with a look of being overwhelmed, as a mess of papers are scattered around in the background.
Take A Break Video Template
Video Background
A  good or bad idea video concept with editing tools to customize and make it your own.
Good And Bad Ideas
Video Background
A  persistence wins the race video concept with editing tools to customize and make it your own.
Tortoise And Hare Persistence
Video Background
This editable video template shows a playful dog flying through space with a hamburger in its mouth, ready to take on any challenge to get what it wants.
Get What You Want Video
Video Background
This video features a mesmerizing bottle with a vast expanse of the cosmos trapped inside and cosmic particles elegantly wrapping around the bottle,
Time In A Bottle
Video Background
This customizable math video showcases three teacher characters in a vast numerical universe standing in striking hero poses.
Math Teachers
Video Background
This editable video shows a character on a forklift crashing into a stack of boxes.
Warehouse Safety Boxes Crash
Video Background
This editable reading owl video features an adorable owl character reading a book with mystical particles floating behind it.
Magic Reading Owl
Video Background
In this video, a rooster enters the frame in front of a beautiful city backdrop with a sunrise.  Customize the text placeholder to have your own message.
Jerusalem Rooster
Video Background
This rise and shine farm video background captures the essence of a tranquil morning scene. Easily personalize the text to suit your needs!
Rise And Shine Farm
Video Background
The video is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of humor to their presentations, social media posts, or any other digital content.
Abraham Lincoln Internet
Video Background

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Use Custom videos in your PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote presentations. Also, use in any application that supports the .mp4 video format.

Great for adding eye-catching personalized marketing videos for social media and Youtube.

Option available to download video as .pptx file.

A qustion mark with infographics text on it on top of infograpic PowerPoint slides.
Saving Time

Custom Video Creation is Costly and Time-Consuming

Our goal at PresenterMedia is to provide you the best customization tools to complete your done work faster and easier.

You will create visually beautiful, engaging, custom video designs that will make your message one an audience will remember.

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Custom Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint

Do you want to see your audience's attention and focus come alive? Then adding a customized video to your presentation is a no-brainer.

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