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Christmas Fir
Video Background
Celebrate the New Year with this video background with a photo placeholder. Upload your own image by clicking the Customize Button and then double click on the image after the editor is loaded. Then export your video under the file menu. You can even add music, plus all the other features of SlideClips are available to you.
New Year Photo Layout
Video Background
Your custom text featured in a movie-like intro.
Feature Presentation Custom
Video Background
A diverse group of hands in fists are raised in solidarity as the word UNITY appears with the tagline 'Together We are Strong'. A subtle rotating earth fills the background. This video background can be edited to change the text, add or remove elements, and more.  Click on the customize button to load the editing tools.
Strength In Unity
Video Background
A 3D animated spinning globe over a purple galaxy reveals the text BREAKING NEWS. This is an editable video background project so elements can be repositioned or changed using our on-line video maker. Click the customize button to start editing.
Universal Breaking News
Video Background
Snow swirls, falling flakes, and pine cones surround a blank calendar page in this video background. The blank area fills most of the frame and provides plenty of copy space for your winter announcements and holiday parties. This video can also be edited inside our SlideClip Video Maker, so elements can be added or removed with ease.
Winter Pine Cones
Video Background
Your custom title flies from behind the earth to the front as the camera pulls back in a reveal.
Earth Majestic Text
Video Background
A old wrought iron clock ticks down to midnight on New Year's Eve as the New Year explodes into the frame. Gold ribbons and glittering particles make up the background. You can quickly change the date to the current year by clicking Customize button. This video and it's elements can be modified or removed by editing in our SlideClip video maker.
Happy New Year Ribbons
Video Background
This video background shows a stick figure simulating writing customizable text on screen. <br><br>Customizing this video works best with the maximum amount of text character which is 22 or close to it.
Stick Figure Single Word Text
Video Background
Decorative Christmas garland with holiday lights frame this video background. The center of the frame has plenty of room for your own copy. Santa peeks out from the side and waves at the 6 second point. You can also remove Santa or add text or other elements using our SlideClip Video Maker.
Christmas Lights Santa
Video Background
A touch screen is simulated atop a techy appearing space interface. A hand appears from the bottom of the frame to trigger the opening of the interface. Various nodes grow out from the center of the interface. Each node has an icon and a text lable. The video as designed has the theme of 'Compliance', with each node labled with REGULATIONS, POLICY, CERTIFICATION, CONTROLS, LAW, and STANDARDS. However, this video background can be edited and all the text lables and icons can be changed using our SlideClip Video Editor. Just click the Customize Video button, and theme this video to be exactly like you need.
Global Compliance
Video Background
This custom design video shows a figure painting a wall.  You can customize the paint with your own text and images.
Figure Paints The Wall
Video Background
This custom design video shows a figure giving a presentation on a stage showing three screens.  You can customize each screen with your own text and images.  <br><br>You can your own spinning logo or saying to the intro screen.  Delete unwanted images by selecting item and hitting the x in the layers on the left side of the work area.
Three Custom Screen Presentation
Video Background
An old leather book opens and flips pages to reveal your custom message. You can customize the cover and inside page separately in this video.
Fairytale Book Custom
Video Background
Covid 19 virus floating in water.
Covid 19
Video Background
Customize your own graffiti message on this brick wall.
Spray Graffiti Custom
Video Background
A flaring light trailing sparkles swirls around your custom message.
Glimmer Spiral Text
Video Background
A construction worker screws a sign with your custom message to a wall.
Figure Install Sign
Video Background
This particle smoke wave logo reveal shows a light guiding colored smoke around until it reaches the center where it explodes out revealing your logo.
Particle Wave Light Logo Reveal
Video Background
A stick figure operates a clear touch-screen surface to create a title page with your custom text.
Future Interface Text
Video Background
A conference table fills with people in a meeting while the center of the table fills with words and symbols inducating strategy, planning, and development. Each of these words can be edited using our on-line video maker, or you can download and use this video background as it is currently designed.
Strategy Meeting
Video Background
Two robot arms stack blocks to form your custom message.
Robot Image Blocks
Video Background
A stick figure writing five areas of text
Stick Figure Simulating Writing Text
Video Background
This customizable portal logo reveal shows a spinning diagram rotating as your logo appears from the middle light.  Change out the logo placeholder with text, an image, or your own logo using our online custom tool.
Portal Light Ray Logo Reveal
Video Background
This synergy logo reveal video shows particle lights coming in from each side, then spinning around and colliding the middle to display your logo. <br><br> This video gives you the customization to pick each light's colors and add a logo, text, or image to be revealed in the center.  This logo reveal video is a great way to show synergy or a merger of two businesses, ideas, or plans coming together.
Synergy Light Particles Logo Reveal
Video Background
Light snowflakes fall in the background as magic particles swirl around to reveal space for a quote or image. You can modify this video background using our SlideClip Video Editor and can quickly add your own message in the video.
Winter Magic Quotation
Video Background
Storm clouds part to reveal a bright sun shining in the background. The text "It's Gonna Be A Bight Sunshiny Day" are build out of the clouds. This video background can be edited in SlideClips. Just click the customize button to change the text, add music and more.
Bright Sunshiny Day
Video Background
Blue and yellow balloons float to the top of the frame while fireworks and confetti fill the background. The word Congratulations! pushes the balloons out of the way leaving the lower half of the frame available copy space for your own content.
Balloon Celebration
Video Background
A festive Thanksgiving table with pies, gourds, and colorful fall leaves. This video background can be edited with our SildeClip application. Just click CUSTOMIZE and add or remove text, change elements, add you logo and more.
Thanksgiving Autumn
Video Background
An awards ceremony envelope spins and opens up to reveal the winner.  The text is customizable in this video using our exclusive customizer.
Envelope Please Text
Video Background

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