Holiday Seasonal

This custom design animation shows a sign with a Santa hat and beard popping up.<br><br>You can customize this animation by adding your own text and images using our online customizer.
Santa Sign Pop Up
PowerPoint Animation
Two poles pop up to display a "God Bless America" banner in this animated clipart.
Ribbon Poles God Bless America
PowerPoint Animation
A pearl colored awareness ribbon is wrapped around a flickering white candle in this animated clipart.
Pearl Ribbon Candle Flicker
PowerPoint Animation
This animation features the young presentation character Sally jumping in a large puddle. Sally leaps into the air, and comes crashing down on the puddle, causing water to splash in multiple directions. Use this animation for all of your presentations involving the season of Summer, Spring, swimming, rain, outdoors, and more.
Sally Puddle Splash
PowerPoint Animation

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