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Best Video Backgrounds to Engage Your Viewers

Download video backgrounds for PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, Marketing, and Social Posts. Also, use videos in motion graphic software like After Effects.


This customizable video features a mesmerizing display of fire burning a hole in a paper, revealing your custom message design!
Fire Reveal Custom
Video Background
Download this Connect Anywhere - Global Connectivity Video Background symbolizing global connectivity & nature's harmony.
Connecting from Anywhere Technology Video
Video Background
Elevate presentations and video projects with the Red & Blue Swirl video background. ideal for PowerPoint & video editing.
Red \ Blue Swirl Motion Video
Video Background
Your custom text featured in a movie-like intro.
Feature Presentation Custom
Video Background
This custom smoke logo reveal shows smoke billowing from the side revealing your logo, text or images from the smoke.
Smoke Cloud Logo Reveal
Video Background
Download the background video to visualize the boundless realms through VR technology, where reality meets fantasy in immersive experiences.
VR Goggles Techscape Video
Video Background
Download this Retro Microphone Bokeh Video Background to add a nostalgic motion background to presentations or media video designs.
Retro Microphone Motion Video
Video Background
A video background with balloons confetti fireworks and congratulations.
Balloon Celebration
Video Background
World in the Palm of your Hands - motion video. This video depicts a radiant Earth held gently against a cosmic backdrop.
World in the Palm of your Hands Video
Video Background
Lighthouse in Raging Sea Video Background: This video depicts a resilient beacon amid turbulent waves, adding impactful visuals to your presentation.
Lighthouse Storm Video
Video Background
This Easter eggs on high video background - add this video background into your presentation / media design for Easter theme.
Easter Eggs on High Video
Video Background
Download Lake Mountain Serenity Video Background: This motion video depicts a tranquil view of a pristine mountain lake.
Lake Mountain Serenity Video
Video Background
Thinking Forward Gears: Customize & Create Dynamic Videos and Animated GIF elements. Unleash Your Creativity!
Think Forward Video Animation
Video Background
This video background captures the serene beauty of an underwater coral reef, teeming with life and color.
Underwater Coral Reef
Video Background
An awards ceremony envelope spins and opens up to reveal the winner.  The text is customizable in this video using our exclusive customizer.
Envelope Please Text
Video Background
This editable video background is a vibrant and colorful representation of International Women’s Day, celebrated every 8th of March.
International Women's Day Video
Video Background
Customize each of these for mobile devices with it's on screen.
Wireless Devices Custom
Video Background
An elegant golden video template for graduation announcements, parties, or just saying congratulations.
Graduation Class Celebration
Video Background
An editable worship video background for Good Friday of Holy Week featuring the three crosses from the crucifixion.
Good Friday
Video Background
This custom design video shows a figure painting a wall.  You can customize the paint with your own text and images.
Figure Paints The Wall
Video Background
An editable video background with an empty tomb on Easter morning, includes a scripture passage from the book of Matthew.
An Empty Tomb
Video Background
An old leather book opens and flips pages to reveal your custom message. You can customize the cover and inside page separately in this video.
Fairytale Book Custom
Video Background
This particle smoke wave logo reveal shows a light guiding colored smoke around until it reaches the center where it explodes out revealing your logo.
Particle Wave Light Logo Reveal
Video Background
A looping video with a mesmerizing view inside a tunnel illuminated with intricate technological designs and patterns.
Technology Tunnel
Video Background
The "Book in Greenery" Video - A Serene Scene
Open Book by Tree Video
Video Background
This customizable block logo reveal video shows a wall being built out of connector blocks with your logo on it.  You can customize this video by adding your own logo, text, and image to the wall using the online customizer.
Building Blocks Custom Wall Logo Reveal
Video Background
Neon Rainbow Stage video background: This motion video depicts vibrant light rays, smoke, and particles in mesmerizing dance.
Neon Rainbow Stage Video
Video Background
A visual representation of leadership, depicted through the metaphor of a red paper plane leading white ones against a vibrant blue background
Leadership Is An Action
Video Background
Walking Into the Storm Video Background: This motion video depicts an individual calmly facing choppy waters as a distant storm builds.
Into the Storm Motion Video
Video Background
Download this Luxurious Product Stage - motion video depicting opulence and grandeur, showcasing high-end products in an elegant setting.
Luxurious Product Stage Video
Video Background

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