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Symbol of Wrong or Negative Outcome

This image features a prominent white "X" symbol, sketched with rough edges, centered within a red square that is also roughly drawn. The red square has an artistic, brushed texture giving it a creative and abstract appearance.

The "Sketched X In Square" represents error, denial, or negation. It's a universal symbol used to indicate something wrong or a negative outcome. The artistic and sketched design adds an aesthetic touch to the otherwise straightforward symbol. This particular style can be especially appealing for creative projects or presentations where a unique visual style is desired.

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Usage in Presentations

This clipart can be effectively used in various presentation scenarios to convey messages related to errors, warnings, or negative outcomes. Its artistic flair makes it stand out while still delivering a clear message.

  • Highlighting common mistakes in project management and how to avoid them.
  • Pointing out errors in data analysis during scientific presentations.
  • Indicating denied access or failure during tech and security briefings.
  • Enhancing visual appeal while discussing challenges and obstacles in business strategies.

Add this sketched clipart image in a square to one of our PowerPoint templates, creating a visual focal point that enhances the clarity of your message on each slide. The contrast between the vivid red square and white 'X' draws attention effectively conveying error or negation messages aligned with your presentation content.

Benefits in Media Design Projects with Transparent PNG Backgrounds

The transparent PNG background of this image allows designers to seamlessly integrate it into various media designs without worrying about background clashes. It ensures that the "X" symbol can be overlaid on diverse backgrounds while maintaining its clarity and impact. This flexibility is crucial for designers working on websites, apps, advertisements, or digital content where adaptability and aesthetics are key.

You can find many more standout Presentation Clipart images like this for enhancing your visual aids making them more engaging and communicative.


sketched x mark error prohibition negation incorrect mistake unavailable option warning caution correction

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