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Scrabble Word Builder - Letter Tiles

Item #: 30132

Type: Presentation Clipart

Build a Scrabble Word: A Customizable Tool for Word Formation

This image displays an interactive tool titled "BUILD A WORD," featuring wooden tiles, each bearing a letter of the alphabet, arranged in three rows. Below the tiles are instructions on how to manipulate and customize them to form words.

How to Build Your Word

By clicking the 'Customize this Item' button above, you can use the customizer tool to move elements by dragging around the tiles to form words. Tiles can be easily copied, pasted, or rotated, offering endless possibilities for word creation. Every change is visible in real time, allowing users to experiment with letter combinations before saving the final image.

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What This Image Represents

This Build a Scrabble Tool is an assembly of tiles with letters of the alphabet on them and a customization area to form your word. Each tile can be moved around and rotated to place the tiles in your chosen order.

Integration with PowerPoint Templates

This word builder can accessed in PowerPoint to quickly build words in PowerPoint and instantly add them to your slide. The final saved image will work great in one of our PowerPoint templates. Simply download the template, open it in PowerPoint, and insert the word you created in a new slide. This creates a visual focal point that complements the slide's message effectively.

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