Medical Themed Photo PowerPoint Slides 
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Medical Themed Photo PowerPoint Slides

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Create a Medical-themed Picture Presentation

This Medical PowerPoint Theme is a versatile template that can be used for a wide range of medical and healthcare presentations. This animated widescreen template includes various picture slides focusing on the medical field.

Customizable Medical Picture layouts

  • A four-picture layout, each in a square shape with title and descriptions next to each image.
  • A three picture side by side layout with a title and description under each image.
  • A slide with a half-screen image of a skeleton to the right, a title, and two-paragraph text placeholders on the left side.
  • A medical icon description slide with a background banner image.
  • A medical comparison slide with a large top image and two paragraphs below to add your information.
  • A timeline slide with a large featured medical image in the background and four squares each containing a year and description underneath.
  • A slide with a vertical microscope image placeholder to the right and an area to add five-point descriptions to the right
  • A medical slide with three icons with description boxes next to a primary image.

Ready to start adding your photos and information? This medical-themed template will give you a ready-made design to leap over the design process. This medical photo template is an excellent way to deliver a professional and informative presentation using this template's clean design and variety of picture slides. In addition, with its easy-to-use customized design and slide layouts, you can easily add your unique touch to the PowerPoint slides. Plus, the included color theme easily matches the branding or style you have in mind. Download this template to get started.

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