Tint of Tech Vibrant PowerPoint Design 
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Tint of Tech Vibrant PowerPoint Design

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Tint of Tech

This Tint of Tech PowerPoint template has a great template feel and is ready for you to customize with both your images and text. This particular slide deck allows you to replace the images in both the phone and the tablet interface. The text is also replaceable and is easily changed with your own. We'd like to mention that even the oversized letters in this project are customizable not only in changing the letter but the image too. You'll be hooked on this template once you start using it, get fast, professional results within minutes!

Bring home the bacon, I mean, the technology!

We can't wait for you to try out the design and interface. No complicated use or confusing processes to get it to work. You can simply replace your text, and if need be, delete areas or elements that are unwanted.
Also included is an entire slide highlighted with all the different elements, its intended to give you the flexibility to build your own pages if you desire.

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