Western themed Template for PowerPoint 
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Western themed Template for PowerPoint

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A Western Theme to Bring Back the old Wild West

This western themed PowerPoint template can give your next presentation some old west flair. These slide designs are perfect for those who want to add a touch of the Wild West to their presentations, whether giving a speech about business, marketing, or adding to teaching material. ...

Cowboys vs. Outlaws

The wild west was a hostile time when cowboys and outlaws tried diligently to triumph over each other. Although the Wild West era is over, bad things will always cause conflict against what we are trying to accomplish. For instance, something bad like an economic recession or increased competition could be causing havoc on a business or product. In this western ppt template, you can relate the good cowboy to a business or product and the outlaw as the villain force against you.

This template contains many western-themed slide layouts. Find slides to add information about hitting your target, accompanied by a target graphic to help your audience visualize your message. An outlaw wanted poster layout lets you add a photo of someone or something thwarting against you. There are many more great animated western slides in this template that will engage and draw your audience toward your message.

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western rivalry competition cowboy outlaw battle conflict triumph victory wild west history

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