Holiday Seasonal Events

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a pilgrim stands with his hands out.
Pilgrim Pilgrim Showing
Presentation Clipart
a jolly pilgrim smiles as he points to a sign.
Pilgrim Sign Big
Presentation Clipart
A jolly santa claus points to a sign
Santa's Sign
Presentation Clipart
Three red and white presents sit in a group.
Red White Presents
Presentation Clipart
A thanksgiving pilgrim points to a blank sign.
Pilgrim Sign
Presentation Clipart
a red and white present with a tag and bow.
Red White Present
Presentation Clipart
In this clipart a pumpkin stands on each side of Halloween text.
Halloween Pumpkins Text
Presentation Clipart
Two silver bells are linked together by hearts in this wedding-themed clipart.
Wedding Heart Bells
Presentation Clipart
A plain, open envelope appears in this clipart.
Envelope Open Plain
Presentation Clipart
Uncle Sam surfs on a dollar bill in this clipart.
Uncle Sam Standing Riding Money
Presentation Clipart
Three pumpkins sit on a bed of autumn leaves in this seasonal clipart.
Presentation Clipart
A black cat leans on a pumpkin in this holiday clipart.
Cat Leaning On Pumpkin
Presentation Clipart
In this holiday clipart Santa Claus gestures with his hands.
Santa Claus Posed
Presentation Clipart
a character holds a golden star high above its head in this clipart.
Holding Golden Star
Presentation Clipart

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