An image of a stick figure holding a shield on fire and sword protecting a server.
Security Wall Servers
Presentation Clipart
A stick figure works on a tablet that has a wireless signal transmitting.
Stick Figure Tablet Wireless Communicati
Presentation Clipart
This clipart image shows a clock with out the minute and second hands.  You can download the minute and second hands separately.
Blank Clock
Presentation Clipart
An image of a stick figure pushing a large thumbs up "LIKE" button.
Figure Pushing Like Button
Presentation Clipart
An image of a cloud server or file sharing concept with files being uploaded/downloaded.
Cloud Files Transfer
Presentation Clipart
A shelf in the shape of a cloud with several different app icons. This clip-art can represent different apps using the cloud.
Cloud Shelf with App Icons
Presentation Clipart
Put your own text on this blue computer key.
Keyboard Custom Enter
Presentation Clipart
twenty four stick figures use there bodies to spell out the word teamwork.
Stick Figures Spelling Teamwork with the
Presentation Clipart
Three test tubes containing bacteria, blood cells, and viruses.
Test Tube Science
Presentation Clipart
In this clipart image, a small plant is growing inside of a clear light bulb.  Use this clipart image for your presentations involving sustainability, environment, natural science, and more.
Plant Light Bulb Sustainability
Presentation Clipart
A magnifying glass enlarges binary code on a computer screen. This clip-art can represent having your computer inspected.
Computer Magnifying Glass
Presentation Clipart
This clip art image shows a shinny circle.  This graphic could be used in conjunction with other shapes to form a flow chart.
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3704&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Circle</a>,  
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3706&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Square</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3708&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Retangle</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3709&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Oval</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3711&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Diamond</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3713&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Triangle</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3712&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Line Connector</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=5842&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Hexagon</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=12273&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Pentagon</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=22974&categoryid=116&maincat=clipart">Heptagon</a>,
Circle Flow Chart Symbol
Presentation Clipart
A keyboard with a green key and the word 'LEARN'.
Keyboard Learn Key
Presentation Clipart
A vibrant arrow burst through the center of a large brick wall in this concept of overcoming and obstacle or breaking through a barrier.
Brick Wall Arrow Breakout
Presentation Clipart
Convey precision with this clipart in your presentation.
On Target
Presentation Clipart
An image of a networking group of computers surrounding the earth.
Earth Networking Laptops
Presentation Clipart
An image of the Vetruvian man in stick figure form.
Vitruvian Stick Figure
Presentation Clipart
A electrician hold a large three prong electrical power cord.  The figure is wearing a hard hat and a tool belt.  A concept of electricity, energy or power.
Electrician With Plug
Presentation Clipart
An image of a black laptop computer opened up.
Black Laptop Open
Presentation Clipart
This clip art image shows Earth, the third planet from the sun.
Presentation Clipart
A woman holds a set of blueprints.  The woman is wearing a yellow hardhat.  A concept of a construction foreman or architect.
Woman Reading Blueprints
Presentation Clipart
Locked, secured, and protected!  Download this lock shape with many great words surrounding the theme of security.  You can use this cloud in many excellent ways, but using it as a <strong>cyber security word cloud</strong> is a popular way to call attention to the main points of cyber security.  To make this graphic into your personalized cyber security word cloud, access our online <a class="text-blue-800 hover:text-blue-500" href="https://www.presentermedia.com/wordclouds">word cloud generator</a>  to add, delete or change the text.  Go further into the customization rabbit hole by changing the word cloud colors and fonts.  If you want to make a counterpart to the cyber security word cloud, you can choose the unlocked lock shape inside the wordcloud generator and add new keywords.
Padlock Security Word Cloud
Presentation Clipart
A pressure gauge reads into the red as the pipes beneath it are springing a leak. A concept of too much stress or being under pressure.
Pressure Gauge
Presentation Clipart
A computer mouse is connected by it's cord to the word 'learn'. This clip-art can represent distance learning.
Learn Mouse
Presentation Clipart
This clipart image shows a conference table with four stick figures sitting around it each holding a pieces of paper.
Conference Room Meeting
Presentation Clipart
An image of a stick figure pushing a button on a futuristic circular digital panel.
Pushing Hologram Button
Presentation Clipart
An image of a mouse going into custom text.
Custom Text Mouse
Presentation Clipart
An image of a smart phone with tools in front of screen.
Smart Phone Tech Fix
Presentation Clipart
A 3D created image of the planet earth inside of a drop of water.  This clip art is a concept of water conservation or environmental awareness.
Earth Water Drop
Presentation Clipart
Five batteries showing different levels of charge.
Battery Levels
Presentation Clipart

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