Sports and Recreation

A clipart image of a group of stick figure runners.  The stick figure in the lead is red. A great concept image of winning the race or staying ahead of the competition.
Stick Figures Leading The Race
Presentation Clipart
An image of an old fashioned movie marquee. A blank area provides a place for you to add your own text.  Perfect image for presenting a new product or highlighting a new video or movie.
Classic Movie Theater Marquee
Presentation Clipart
A single paper ticket is printed with the words, TICKET, ADMIT ONE.  A perfect image to use for event invitations and special activities.
Single Movie Ticket
Presentation Clipart
A pair of movie tickets are ready to be used in this piece of theater clipart.
Pair Movie Tickets
Presentation Clipart
A yellow golf tee with a plain white golf ball on top.
Golf Ball on Tee
Presentation Clipart
A golf club swings at a golf ball perched upon a yellow tee.
Golf Ball Club Swing
Presentation Clipart
A blue
Blue Target
Presentation Clipart
Three red darts have missed the target in this failure or defeat concept.
Miss The Target
Presentation Clipart
Three darts hit the center of the target in this presentation clipart.
Three Darts Hit Target
Presentation Clipart
A group of three red darts hit the bulls-eye in this presentation clipart.
Bulls Eye Target
Presentation Clipart
A single dart hits the bulls-eye in this presentation clipart. A red and white target.
Dart And Target
Presentation Clipart
A sunflower in a pot thrives as the ones around it wither in this nature-themed clipart.
Thriving Flower
Presentation Clipart
A gecko holds a baseball bat in this sports clipart.
Gecko Baseball
Presentation Clipart
A gecko holds a football in this sports clipart.
Gecko Football
Presentation Clipart
A green gecko palms an orange basketball and holds it out in front of him in this fun clipart.
Gecko Basketball
Presentation Clipart

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