Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend

One Free Month for You and a $10 Discount for Them!

Use our refer-a-friend program to receive an extra 30 days added to your PresenterMedia subscription, at no cost to you.

Simply refer a friend to our website, and when they subscribe, they will receive a $10 discount on their subscription, and you will receive your free additional month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Refer More Than one Person?

Absolutely! You may refer as many people as you like, and yes, that means you could have a full YEAR of PresenterMedia for Free.

Can I refer through any subscription plan?

You can only refer a friend through an existing single user subscription for a new single user subscription.

Can I Share My Referral Link on My Website or Publish in my Course Materials

You most certainly may! We encourage sharing your Referral link on your website, seminar notes, course materials, business cards and any other published method at this time.

How Will I Know if Anyone Signs Up?

We will send you a notification each time someone signs up using your referral code.

Can I Refer Myself?

Sorry, you can't refer yourself, only new subscribers are able to receive this discount currently.

Can I use the Referral Code if I've Already Been a Member to PresenterMedia?

Unfortunately the $10 discount is only applicable to new subscribers. However, you can get your own referral code and begin earning free months for your own membership to PresenterMedia.

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