Video Backgrounds

Colorful lines flow across this abstract video.
Salmon Breeze
Video Background
An impressive display of a bright golden array of rows.
Aurum Fall
Video Background
Obscured image on a blue backdrop with falling white particles.
Obscured Entity
Video Background
Brain Sphere Message Custom Video
Video Background
Beaded rows of yellow and orange rotating across a black background.
Orange Bead Rotation
Video Background
Golden particles flowing across this abstract video.
Golden Frenzy
Video Background
Purple dots drifting across a dark surface.
Mulberry Vessel
Video Background
Streaming beads of colorful light on this abstract video.
Unfocused Barrier
Video Background
Particles bouncing around this abstract video.
Particle Gathering
Video Background
A group of trees with multi-colored hand shaped leaves grow up to form one large tree in the concept of unity and diversity. The text elements can be edited or removed by clicking the customize button. This is an editable video background, so you can add and modify elements in our SlideClip video editor.
Unity In Diversity Tree
Video Background
A traveler is shown sitting in the lounge waiting for his flight
Travel Lounge
Video Background

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