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Download this animation clip of a man walking deep in thought
Walking Deep in Thought
PowerPoint Animation
A group of stick figures with color holds up pieces of a puzzle the form the word 'TEAM'.
Stick Figures Team Puzzle
PowerPoint Animation
Download this animated worker bee clipart as a visual aid to represent constant effort and productivity .  Use in presentation /media design.
Flying Worker Bee Animation
PowerPoint Animation
Daydreaming in Clouds Animation - A visual element to show tranquil reflection away from chaos
Daydreaming in Clouds Animation
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of a group of gears turning mixed with color. Change the hue of these gears if you like.
Mechanical Gear Group
PowerPoint Animation
A businessman comes from behind a hidden wall and points to your presentation.
Business Man Emote Peek Point
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of a clock's hands turning fast and a calendar's pages tearing off.
Time Moving Fast
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of a stick figure standing confused with a large question mark behind him.
Question Mark Serious Thinker
PowerPoint Animation
A business woman comes from behind a hidden wall and points to your presentation.
Business Woman Peek And Point
PowerPoint Animation
A looping sparkly star animation.
Sparkly Star
PowerPoint Animation
Crab In Sand Rise Wave
Crab In Sand Rise Wave
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of a world appearing out of a laptop computer.
Laptop Earth Revolve
PowerPoint Animation
A page on a daily calendar continually tears away.
Daily Calendar Tear Custom
PowerPoint Animation
The text THANK YOU animated in big bold block letters.  You can control the number of times this animation plays by adjusting the Number of Loops in the customizer and then rebuilding the animation.  Also remember that the first frame this animation is blank, so it will appear as a blank image until you view(play) your slide show in PowerPoint.
Thank You Bounce
PowerPoint Animation
Download this color changing brain animation and add as a visual element to your teaching material, presentations, and media designs.
Colorful Brain Shift Animation
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of an arrow pointing twice down.
Arrow Bounce Point
PowerPoint Animation
A boy and two girls move to a popular dance craze.
Group Dancing Fad
PowerPoint Animation
Download this road rage emoji animation to use as a visual element for awareness of frustration and anger that can arise during traffic situations
Road Rage Emoji Animation
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of a business type stick figure waving a checkered flag.
Businessman Waving Checkered Flag
PowerPoint Animation
An animation with flags circling the world.
World Flags Moving
PowerPoint Animation
This custom design animation shows a flag flying on a flagpole.  <br><br> You can customize the flag by adding you own text and images using our online customizer.
Custom Flag On Pole
PowerPoint Animation
A man on his knees crying out in frustration.
Knees Of Frustration
PowerPoint Animation
The Animated Elvis: "Elvis Playing Guitar"
Elvis Playing Guitar
PowerPoint Animation
Alice Diploma Dance
Alice Diploma Dance
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of a group of figures jumping in celebration.
Jump Around And Celebrate
PowerPoint Animation
Gold and silver balloons and confetti fall from above.
Balloons And Confetti Falling
PowerPoint Animation
This customizable design animation shows a mock up of a book being showcased.<br><br>You can personalize this book by adding your own custom text and images using our online customizer.
Book Upright
PowerPoint Animation
This animation shows a check mark appearing.<br> This animation is made to only loop one time.  
<a href="http://www.presentermedia.com/blog/2010/07/set-number-loops-animated-gif/"> Learn how to set the number of loops here.</a><br>
Also remember that the first frame this animation is blank, so it will appear as a blank image until you view(play) your slide show in PowerPoint.
Check Mark On (non looping)
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Animation of a sparkly red crystal.  Add it to your presentations / media designs to represent energy, passion, and vitality.
Sparkly Red Crystal Animation
PowerPoint Animation
A businessman shoots three arrows into an unseen wall.
Businessman Shooting Arrows
PowerPoint Animation

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