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This custom design animation shows two figures discuss something on a flip board.  <br><br>You can customize the flip board with your own text and images using our online customizer.
Flipboard Custom Discussion
PowerPoint Animation
A stick figure wearing scuba gear.
Stick Figure Scuba Diving
PowerPoint Animation
The animation shows a group of figure sitting in a semi circle chatting.
Group Talk Session
PowerPoint Animation
Infuse joy into your presentations with our animated happy emoji. Ideal for Google Slides, PowerPoint & More! Download Now.
Happy Emoji Animation: Bring Cheerful Excitement to Presentations!
PowerPoint Animation
Two stick figures enjoy a conversation while drinking their cups of coffee.
Stick Figure Coffee Table Talk
PowerPoint Animation
Add this astronaut walking animation to any presentation slide to instantly call attention to your message and engage your audience's focus.
Animated Astronaut Walking in Space
PowerPoint Animation
This animation shows a check mark appearing.<br> This animation is made to only loop one time.  
<a href="http://www.presentermedia.com/blog/2010/07/set-number-loops-animated-gif/"> Learn how to set the number of loops here.</a><br>
Also remember that the first frame this animation is blank, so it will appear as a blank image until you view(play) your slide show in PowerPoint.
Check Mark On (non looping)
PowerPoint Animation
A businessman shoots three arrows into an unseen wall.
Businessman Shooting Arrows
PowerPoint Animation
This custom design animation shows a envelope opening with a letter coming out and then closing again.  You can customize the letter by adding your own text and images.
Custom Letter Open Close
PowerPoint Animation
<h2>It's Getting Hot in Here!</h2>

This animation shows <strong>animated flames</strong> burning.  Using this fire animation, you can easily and quickly add some hotness to your projects.  Download and insert this animated fire in PowerPower, Google Slides, or Keynote.  Also, use for Social Media posts and blogs to visually accompany your message.  <br><br>This motion clip of fire can also be used in any program that supports .mp4 videos.

<h2>Let Your Presenations Burn with Excitement</h2>

Here are some suggestions for more great fire animations.<br><br>

<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=20287&categoryid=127&maincat=animsp"><img style="width:25%" src="//content.presentermedia.com/files/animsp/00020000/20287/sign_on_fire_md_wm_v2.gif" alt="an animation of a custom sign with hot fire burning around it."/></a>

<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=18075&categoryid=123&maincat=animsp"><img style="width:25%" src="//content.presentermedia.com/files/animsp/00018000/18075/figure_climbing_rope_on_fire_md_wm_v2.gif" alt="an animation of a figure climbing a rope that is burning up.">

<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=8784&categoryid=115&maincat=animsp"><img style="width:25%"  src="//content.presentermedia.com/files/animsp/00008000/8784/explosion_md_wm_v2.gif" alt="a fire explosion leaving a burn mark on the ground.">

<br><br>Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see more animated fire clips and videos.
Animated Flames Fire Animation
PowerPoint Animation
A custom animation of a gold foil seal popping up and spinning around to display your custom message proudly.<br><br>  Using our online customizer easily changes the text, adds images or a logo, and download your new personalized motion graphic in a matter of just minutes.  Use this custom animation clip in your social media posts, online marketing material, blog post, or in your PowerPoint presentations.
Gold Seal Pop Up
PowerPoint Animation
Engage your audience with this 'Angry Boy Bully Animation,' a powerful visual tool for presenters & content creators addressing emotional awareness.
Angry Boy Bully Animation
PowerPoint Animation
This custom design animation shows a figure main figure giving a presentation in front of an audience.<br><br>This PowerPoint animation could be used to call attention to data information or a main message in a presentation.
Presenting To Audience
PowerPoint Animation
Visually display intensity with this Angry Politicians Animation, showcasing a heated exchange between two suited figures in a gripping confrontation.
Angry Politicians Argument Animation
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of a group of three figures in business attire clapping.
Group Business Clapping
PowerPoint Animation
A 3D Trophy Animation with editing tools to customize the design and make it your own.
3D Trophy Animation - Customizable Mockup
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of three stick figures giving each other a high five.
Team Of Three High Five
PowerPoint Animation
This animation shows a cylinder siren rotating.
Cylinder Siren
PowerPoint Animation
A 3D stick figure hunched over a keyboard and rapidly types in this concept of hard working, productive or engaged worker.
Hard Working On Computer Anim
PowerPoint Animation
This animation shows comment bubbles falling and spelling out thank you.
Thank You Comment Bubbles Fallling
PowerPoint Animation
A group of three blue question marks bounce up and down in this animated clipart.
Question Mark Group
PowerPoint Animation
Bang your own drum with a custom design on this marching band drum
Marching Band Drum Custom
PowerPoint Animation
This animated clip art image shows a stick figure holding up the lets that spell out Q & A, which stands for Questions and Answers.
Stick Figure Questions and Answers
PowerPoint Animation
A brain lights up in different areas simulating neurons firing off.
Brain Neurons Firing
PowerPoint Animation
Download this Emoji Fighter - Animation to depict an intense aggressive expression to accompany your message.
Emoji Fighter Animation
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of a group of people welcoming up a stick figure on to a platform.
Come Join The Team - Non Looping
PowerPoint Animation
Visualize the need for cybersecurity with this Cyber Criminal Animation. Perfect for presentations emphasizing digital intrigue and safeguarding
Cyber Criminal Animation
PowerPoint Animation
This animation shows an arrow pointing.  To have this arrow pointing in a different direction simply rotate in PowerPoint or Keynote.
Arrow Pointing Anim
PowerPoint Animation
A concept clip animation of measuring risk or evaluating the amount or risk in a project.
Risk Measurement
PowerPoint Animation
This custom design animation shows a biz man figure checking off boxes and text appearing. <br><br>  You can add your own text or images using our online customizer.
Biz Man Four Check Marks
PowerPoint Animation

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