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Birthday Balloon Calendar

Item #: 30350

Type: Presentation Clipart

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Celebrate a Birthday Editable Calendar

The image displays a calendar for September 2024, with a specific focus on June 12th, which is highlighted with a blue party hat icon. Surrounding the calendar are colorful balloons on the left, a cupcake with a single lit candle, and a starburst highlight on the right, suggesting celebration.

You can change the month to whatever month or year you want. You can also move the date highlight element to a new day by dragging it over a new date and double-clicking into the group to change the day number. 

To personalize this clipart for your needs, click on the 'Customize This Item' button above. You can effortlessly change the calendar month and year to suit your specific timeline, replace an existing image to reflect your event's theme better or delete elements you don't need for your design purposes.

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This image represents celebration and time-specific events, particularly birthdays or parties in the year. The balloons symbolize festivity and joy commonly associated with such occasions. The cupcake with a candle indicates a birthday celebration, while the calendar signifies planning or marking an important date.

Presentation Usage Ideas in PowerPoint and Google Slides

  • Highlighting an employee's birthday in company meetings.
  • Marking important dates in an educational setting, like school events or holidays.
  • Using it as part of event planning presentations to showcase key dates.
  • Incorporating into personal celebration slideshows for birthdays or anniversaries.

Incorporating this clipart image into one of our PowerPoint templates can create an engaging visual focal point that complements your presentation slide's message. It adds color and context that draws attention while supporting your content narrative. PowerPoint templates offer a convenient way to enhance your slides with eye-catching visuals.

Advantages in Media Design Projects

An image with a transparent PNG background offers versatility in media design projects. It allows for seamless integration over various backgrounds without unsightly borders. This flexibility makes it ideal for layering over other images or designs to create depth and interest without compromising overall aesthetics. Such images can be easily adapted to fit different themes or color schemes within design projects.

For more standout visual aids, explore our wide range of Presentation Clipart options.


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