Tape All Over Retro PowerPoint Theme 
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Tape All Over Retro PowerPoint Theme

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This Tape All Over PowerPoint Template is bringing back some miscellaneous items that maybe you've seen before? This template kind of has it all, that is if you like things simple, retro and a little bit of colored masking tape! Be sure to give this one a try as it can fit a lot of different genres or themes.

If you take a closer look it's even got a tape TIMELINE to give you something you've probably never seen before. And to top it all off, you can customize the colors of the cassette tape, stickers, and much more! This one is sure to be a favorite among those who enjoy having customizable items at their fingertips. Not to mention this slide deck will definitely be a unique experience not only for the end user, but for the intended audience as well.

If you have some other ideas, no worries, check out all our great Timeline PowerPoint templates.


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