In this piece of Clipart a pregnant woman is shown holding her back, in pain.
Woman Pregnant Holding Back
Presentation Clipart
A sick 3D stick figure holds its belly with one hand and with the other cools a fever with a cool ice pack on its head.
Sick 3D stick figure
Presentation Clipart
A group of stick figure stand together holding hands.  One figure is in a wheelchair and another is holding a crutch.  A concept of diversity and accessibility.
Disability Diversity Figures
Presentation Clipart
Convey precision with this clipart in your presentation.
On Target
Presentation Clipart
A 3D stick figure demonstrates the incorrect way to lift an object, possibly causing back pain or injury.
Wrong Way To Lift
Presentation Clipart
A stick figure lies in a hospital bed.
Figure Hospital Bed Isometric
Presentation Clipart
A 3D clip art image of a female doctor or nurse wearing a white lab coat and holding a clipboard.
Female Doctor or Nurse With Clipboard
Presentation Clipart
A stick figure lying down reaching for help.
Stick Figure Needing Help
Presentation Clipart
A 3d nursing icon.  A female nurse with a nursing hat.
Nurse Icon
Presentation Clipart
 An image of a blank projection screen.  You could add your own text or place another graphic on top to simulate a presentation.
Projector Screen
Presentation Clipart
An old and weather tombstone you can add your custom text on.
Tombstone Message
Presentation Clipart
This clipart image shows a conference table with four stick figures sitting around it each holding a pieces of paper.
Conference Room Meeting
Presentation Clipart
A stick figure with a headache grips his head in pain.
Stick Figure With Headache
Presentation Clipart
<h2>A Symbol of Medical Care</h2>

An image of a blue caduceus, a <strong>medical health symbol</strong> for doctors and healthcare.  This medical graphic symbol clipart would be great for adding to presentations pertaining to health care and medicine. 

Add to social media posts or blog posts to add an eye-catching medical symbol to accompany your message.


View more medical animations and graphics like this medical health symbol at the bottom of this web page.
Caduceus - Blue Medical Health Symbol
Presentation Clipart
This concept clipart image shows two stick figures using teamwork to reach for the stars.
Reaching For The Stars
Presentation Clipart
A piece of clipart showing hands being washed.
Washing Hands
Presentation Clipart
A 3D stick figure with a sad face.
Figure With Sad Face
Presentation Clipart
This clipart image shows a woman wearing a protective mask to prevent spread of a virus or cold.  You could use this image to illustrate stopping the spread of the Covid19 Coronavirus.
Woman Wearing Mask
Presentation Clipart
A 3D stick figure demonstrates the proper way to lift a heavy object to prevent back pain or injury.
Right Way To Lift
Presentation Clipart
An injured person leans on another in this concept clip art of care and compassion.  This could also be a concept of the Good Samaritan or the concept of helping your neighbor.
The Good Samaritan
Presentation Clipart
This clip art image shows a head with a keyhole and a key being inserted into it.
Keyhole In Head With Key
Presentation Clipart
A laptop secured with a vault metal door.
Vault Secured Laptop
Presentation Clipart
An image of a black fingerprint.
Black Fingerprint
Presentation Clipart
This clip art image shows a shinny triangle.  This graphic could be used in conjunction with other shapes to form a flow chart.
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3704&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Circle</a>,  
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3706&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Square</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3708&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Retangle</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3709&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Oval</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3711&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Diamond</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3713&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Triangle</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=3712&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Line Connector</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=5842&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Hexagon</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=12273&categoryid=139&maincat=clipart">Pentagon</a>,
<a href="https://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=22974&categoryid=116&maincat=clipart">Heptagon</a>,
Triangle Flow Chart Symbol
Presentation Clipart
A stick figure sits in a meditation position with lets crossed.
Stick Figure Meditation
Presentation Clipart
Two doctor or nurse stick figures put together puzzle pieces with custom text going across the pieces.
Solving Custom Text Puzzle
Presentation Clipart
This clip art image shows a hospital health symbol inside of a shinny button.
Hospital Health Cross Button
Presentation Clipart
An image of a CAT (CT) scanner, medical equipment
Cat (CT) Scanner Angled
Presentation Clipart
An icon for a surgeon or medical doctor.  A bust of a 3D figure wearing surgical scrubs and a mask.
Surgeon Icon
Presentation Clipart
This clip art image shows a head puzzle with a red piece being inserted into its space in the puzzle.
Head Puzzle Piece Standout
Presentation Clipart

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