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How to Use the PresenterMedia Add-in App for PowerPoint

Posted on: Mar, 2022 By: Judd Albrecht


What's the saying? Work smarter, not harder:)  

Download our PowerPoint add-in to streamline your design workflow by never leaving PowerPoint to access everything on PresenterMedia. Open customization tools directly in PowerPoint. Instantly add design elements to your slides with a single click. 


Installing the PresenterMedia Add-in

Install Option 1:

(UPDATED WAY) Inside PowerPoint, Go to HOME > Add-ins.

installing PowerPoint add-in updated


(OUTDATED WAY) Inside PowerPoint, Go to INSERT > Get Add-Ins.

A screenshot of instructions for adding the PresenterMedia add-in


Now, search inside the Office Add-in for PresenterMedia.


Install Option 2:

Or, get it right here from the Microsoft App Store for PowerPoint. 



This video gives a quick look around the PowerPoint add-in.  Dive deeper into using the add-in app by watching the instructional videos below.



Signing into PresenterMedia Add-in App

This video shows how to sign in to the PresetnterMedia add-in app.


Customize Videos, Video Templates, and Video Backgrounds

This video show how to select a video and customize it by rebranding it with your message, images, and logo while working right inside PowerPoint. 


Customize Animations and Clipart using the Add-in

From directly inside PowerPoint, customize animations and clipart, then instantly add them to your PowerPoint slides.


Inserting audio from the PresenterMedia music collection

This video shows how to easily add music to your PowerPoint slides with the PresenerMedia add-in app.


Build and Inserting World Clouds

This video shows how to create word clouds directly in PowerPoint and instantly insert them into your PowerPoint slides.


Accessing Image Uploads and Custom Creations Inside the Add-in.

View how to upload your images in the add-in to save on the PresenterMedia cloud. Also, look at My Custom Media and Uploads to get familiar with where all your custom creations are stored.  



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By: Judd Albrecht
Judd enjoys anything creative. As a content designer at PresenterMedia, he gets to put that creative desire to use everyday. "Every day I'm excited to come into work and start creating great content for our subscribers". He has degree in computer animation with over 15 years of graphic design experience, which has given him the skills to design quality graphic content. When he's not at work, he finds time enjoying the great outdoors, jamming on the bass guitar and playing with his kids.

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May 21, 2022 -
Tojo Jose
I ve tried to insert the add in. The add in window came but at the right side of the ppt slide, the presenter media add in requires sign in. Tried sign in with user name and pass word but was not able to sign in. My subscription ends on Augusts 2022 and this is May 2022. Please help me.
May 23, 2022 -
Are you able to sign into the website with your email and password? If not I could reset your password. Our contact email is support@presentermedia.com if you want to send us a message. Thank you.

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