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This animation show a superhero woman gesturing to the side with her hand.  Could be used to call attention to some text or image in your presentation template.
Supergal Gesturing To Side
PowerPoint Animation
A boy plays the dulcimer in this animated clipart.
Boy Playing Dulcimer
PowerPoint Animation
An illustration of the hot/cold flow of geothermal heating in a home.
Geothermal House
PowerPoint Animation
This animation shows a woman stick figure doing a planking exercise.
Woman Exercise Planking
PowerPoint Animation
10 female infographic figures that animated on.
Female Infographic Figures
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of Grant taking a photo using a smartphone.
Grant Taking Pictures Smart Phone
PowerPoint Animation
Choose the color to fit your needs for this cloud download arrow.
Cloud Arrow Download
PowerPoint Animation
 Casual businessman motion to the right and presenting.
Casual Businessman Presenting
PowerPoint Animation
An animation of Talia insinuating painting a wall.
Talia Brushing Wall
PowerPoint Animation
Bernice reacting surprised, then grasping her hands and nodding her head yes.
Bernice Emote Nod
PowerPoint Animation
A brown fedora rotates slowly.
Fedora Hat Rotate
PowerPoint Animation
Musical notes float from a dulcimer in this animated clipart.
Dulcimer Playing Notes
PowerPoint Animation
A white snowmobile rotates clockwise.
Snowmobile Rotating
PowerPoint Animation
Customize this light bulb with your logo or message.
Custom Swinging Light Bulb
PowerPoint Animation
This animation shows a mustache appear and wiggle.  Use the mustache animation to celebrate all that is a good mustache. Great for fathers day acknowledgment.
Mustache Appear
PowerPoint Animation

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