Adaptive Cycle Model Interactive PowerPoint Diagram 
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Adaptive Cycle Model Interactive PowerPoint Diagram

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This adaptive cycle PowerPoint template is an interactive diagram that allows you to click on different parts of the adaptive cycle, which links to close-up pages explaining the sections in more detail.

Customize this template by changing all Photo and icon placeholder. Also, easily add your own information to text placeholders.

An adaptive cycle diagram is a model that helps to explain how ecosystems respond to disturbances. It considers how populations, resources, and the environment interact with one another to create a constantly changing and evolving system.

The adaptive cycle is in the shape of an infinity symbol, with different stages represented by different colors. The four stages of the adaptive process are growth, conservation, release, and reorganization. During the growth stage, resources are accumulated, and populations increase. A slowdown in growth marks the conservation stage as energy is redirected towards maintaining existing systems. The release stage is disrupted as populations decline and resources are depleted. Finally, the reorganization stage sees the ecosystem rebuild, creating new growth opportunities. Understanding the adaptive cycle can help show how to manage resources better and protect our environment.

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adaptive cycle growth conservation release reorganization stages infinity symbol ecosystem environment manage protect 3D slides

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