Wellness Wheel PowerPoint Diagram with Interactive Slides 
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Wellness Wheel PowerPoint Diagram with Interactive Slides

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Wellness is Key to Happiness

This interactive PowerPoint wellness wheel shows a infographic diagram with eight dimensions of health. Wellness wheels typically include a diagram representing the different wellness areas, with each diagram piece corresponding to a specific dimension of health. For example, one slice might represent physical health, while another might represent mental health. By clicking on a section of the wellness wheel diagram, audience members can learn more about the factors that affect that particular wellness area.

Wellness wheel PowerPoint diagrams are a great way to inform and guide people people in self health exploration. They can make more informed ...

In addition, this PowerPoint diagram includes hyperlinked sections to close-up pages where audience members learn more about maintaining each area of health. As a result, these diagrams are an excellent way to promote healthy living and provide a level of engagement to viewers to retain your information.

This template includes eight well-being diagram pieces which are:

  • Intellectual Health: - The well-being of having a sound mind. It is about educating yourself, being creative, and thinking for yourself. It is about being able to problem-solve and think critically.
  • Social Health: - The well-being of individuals and communities to their social environment. It encompasses the ability to interact and connect with others and the capacity to form and maintain healthy relationships.
  • Spiritual Health: - The well-being of a state of mind and body that is in harmony with your spiritual beliefs. It can be defined as a sense of peace and health that comes from within.
  • Financial Health: - This is the essential aspect of overall health and well-being. It involves having a good diet, getting enough exercise, and getting enough sleep.
  • Occupational Health - This state of being mentally and physically healthy while performing the duties of one's occupation. It includes having a positive outlook on work, feeling good about one's job performance, and enjoying one's career.
  • Emotional Health: - The ability to feel, understand and manage our emotions. It is about understanding our feelings and reactions and having the skills to cope with life's challenges.
  • Environmental Health: - This is having a clean and healthy environment to live well. It is vital to have a healthy environment because it affects our physical, mental, and social health.

All colors in this template are from a PowerPoint theme color. You can customize the theme color palette to your choosing. Follow the included instruction at the end of this PowerPoint template.

Also, find instructions for adding this wellness wheel to an existing presentation without adding all the wellness wheel slides to your current slides. It's called a PowerPoint show (.ppsx), and hyperlinking to it from your existing long presentation will help keep your presentation cleaner by lessening the number of slides in it.

Download this Wellness Wheel for PowerPoints to start informing people how the best way to get on their wellness journey. The wheel can help identify which areas of health are most important and provide a starting point for further discussion. Tell your audience which factors impact their overall well-being, then encourage and motivate them to make small changes to improve their overall life in all eight areas.

Diagrams and Infographics are a great way to communicate information. Check out an extensive collection of PowerPoint infographics and diagrams for your next presentation.


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