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Diagram PPT Toolkit Template

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Chart your goals! In this template, find 12 infographic diagram layouts to display your points, goals, and data. This diagram ppt template is set up as a PowerPoint toolkit to take slides from and add to an existing presentation....

Some diagram slide layouts include: A diagram circle built from four puzzle pieces with text box points explaining each puzzle part. A timeline diagram slide with five rings each coming in on mouse click and a description appearing below. A colorful road diagram template with each section of the road appearing followed by an explanation. These are just a few of the many great slides you can use to make your information pop out and a unique, eye-catching way.

All diagram slides are 100% editable. Element colors in this template can be changed inside the PowerPoint theme colors. Included are instructions explaining how to change colors. All icons in this template are easily swappable with new icons. See the included instructions about changing out icons.

Find many more diagram PowerPoint templates to combine with this diagram template and start creating highly impactful visual presentations.


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