Hub and Spokes PowerPoint Diagrams 
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Hub and Spokes PowerPoint Diagrams

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Convey Information about a Center Topic and Subtopics

This Hub and Spoke Diagram PowerPoint template

What are Spoke Presentations?

Spoke presentations, also known as hub and spoke presentations, are presentations that utilize the hub and spoke diagram to convey information. The core concept or topic is positioned as the hub, with branching spokes representing supplemental information or sub-topics.

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The hub and spoke diagram is a well-established way to visually represent hierarchical relationships. It is commonly used in business presentations to illustrate a variety of concepts, such as:

  • Parts of a whole
  • Processes with multiple steps
  • Cause-and-effect relationships
  • Comparisons between different elements

How Can You Use this Hub and Spoke Diagram in PowerPoint Business Presentations?

The Hub and Spoke Diagram PowerPoint template is a valuable asset for various business presentations. Here are a few examples of how you can use this template to enhance your presentations:

  • Present the components of a business plan: The hub could represent the overall business plan, with spokes detailing sections such as marketing strategy, financial projections, and operational plan.
  • Illustrate a marketing strategy: The hub could represent your target audience, with spokes outlining the different marketing channels you will use to reach them (e.g., social media, email marketing, content marketing).
  • Breakdown the steps of a project management process: The hub could represent the project itself, with spokes outlining the different phases of the project (e.g., planning, execution, monitoring, and closure).
  • Compare and contrast different business concepts: The hub could represent the general concept you are discussing, with spokes outlining the pros and cons of different approaches.

How to Make this Spoke PowerPoint Diagram Interactive

One of the key advantages of this Hub and Spoke Diagram PowerPoint template is its ability to be interactive. . This allows you to create a more engaging and informative presentation experience.

Adding slides from this PowerPoint diagram to your existing presentations is straightforward. Using the "Insert" tab and selecting "Slides from Other Files," you can easily incorporate the pre-designed hub and spoke structure into your presentation. You can find more presentation slides in our vast collection selection of PowerPoint templates. If you're looking for more diagrams to use in PowerPoint, take a look through our many Diagrams template for PowerPoint

Video Instructions Included

Find video instructions on how to build your own interactive spoke PowerPoint template. You can also follow the included video instructions showing how to save the interactive slides as a PowerPoint Show (.ppxs) to link to in an existing presentation so you don't have to copy all the slides into your presentation.


diagram hub spoke processes central main concept sub-concepts hierarchical relationships steps cause-and-effect comparisons plan components marketing strategy project management interactive diagram

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